Blockchain Has Done it Once Again – A Story of Migrants

We try our best to bring you all there is happening in the blockchain world in the most fun way possible. The blockchain technology has taken over the modern world by storm and has opened new doors for everyone. We’re whole-heatedly sincere advocates of this ground-breaking technology. What can we say, its a technology which has made promises and unlike the rest it has made us proud.

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However, today we’re going to look at a matter of serious concern. We think it’s necessary! While, we sit in the comfort of our homes we might not be aware of the difficulties of the people around us. That’s what comfort does to people! We don’t blame you and no need to go down a guilt trip. You’re only human!

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So, if you’re wondering where we’re going with this. Sit back patiently and read about something you’ll be truly happy to know. We promise to keep things easy peasy only for you!

Here’s a Fact: 244 million people don’t reside in their home country because of the lack of opportunities and resources.

If you’re one of them you’ll understand and if you’re not. Consider yourself blessed!. Isn’t that depressing? Our heart goes out to them. It’s a constant challenge for the migrants anywhere they go because they is a lot of conflict and very less support.

If you’re feeling melancholic. Brighten up! We have some good news! The blockchain technology can help migrants in their quest to settle well into their new home countries. Phew! We’re most definitely pleased to hear that.

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Blockchain to the Rescue Once Again

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Let’s get into some details! You’ll know if we’re just giving you false hope or could it really happen! The World Food Program (WFP) use Uniqie Digital Identities (UDIDs) to give identities to the migrants. It’s easier to distribute the resources and the security of funds is comparatively improved as well.

The question is, what role does the blockchain play? It’s simple silly! Since, the WFP uses an iris scanning technique for identification the blockchain technology can further improve the entire system in the blink of an eye.

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You know how the blockchain technology’s transparent nature is quite admirable and has made it possible for more lucidity. This way organizations who are doing the good deeds can make sure that people aren’t cheating the system and taking double benefits; without even sharing the data.

Where are You Going? There is More!

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The Unique Digital Identities can be used to to decentralize an education programs. Curious to know how? Well it’s a tad bit complicated. But, we’ll simplify it just for you because we love our readers so much and we’re here to make things easier for you.

Hypothetical Situation: For instance if a migrant signs up for an English lesson. Once the course is completed, the immigrant can scan in using their Unique Digital Identity. This way the teacher gets paid by a government provided program or through donations using a blockchain platform.

Yes, we know. It sounds too good to be real. But, guess what? It’s already happening. How cool is that huh? Go visit littlephil.org and watch for yourself. Knowledge is power buddy.

Even More

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There could be even more options available to enroll in different types of vocational programs all through a decentralized platform. Even a cash reward could be set up in exchange for completing a training program for learning new skills. The blockchain technology will help in keeping a transparent record of all the data and the rewards will be received by the right person using the Unique Digital Identity.

The Reality

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The truth is migrants face cultural and language barriers in their new home country. It’s just how it is. Just like everyone else they are in need of education, employment, welfare, healthcare and a community. Not having an access to all of these resources can make it difficult for them to settle. No human deserves to be stripped from their basic rights no matter where they are. That’s why we believe the blockchain is the future and will benefit people in all areas of life.

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It’s quite evident that blockchain can help migrants and refugees all over the world. All we’re waiting for its acceptability and we can see our world transform into something more beautiful than it already is.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the many many wonders of the blockchain technology; as much as we enjoy getting you all there is possibly happening in the blockchain world. If you’ve more ideas on how the blockchain technology can help refugees and migrants comment below. It’s for a good cause. Cheers!

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