Blockchain Has a Cure For The Millenial Whoop!

If you think the all the modern music on the charts sound a little too same to you, you’re not alone!

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It really does! Even researchers have declared that pop music is more similar and less complex than ever before. The music we listen is too “samey” today that there is now a specific note sequence which is commonly used in pop songs, it called the “millenial whoop.”

We are living in an age where we have dozens of options to access and consume content, no wonder the songs that are on the top of the charts are so bland. There is a reason music sounds the same, it’s because there are only a handful of people that are writing and producing it. The record labels are solely interested in profit making. It’s we who have to suffer with the same type of music with no diversity in it.

No One Is Willing to Risk It Anymore

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Record labels are not willing to take risks on new independent bands and songwriters. The exciting and new talents often doesn’t get the opportunity to connect with a wider audience.

Most artists don’t have the proper funding to professionally produce and market their albums. As far as we remember, record labels are supposed to help the new passionate talent out there. They’ve surely lost their touch with time, because now it’s all about money!

The Problem With Spotify and Apple Music

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Crowdfunding websites are filled with endless independent artists hoping to raise some money to help them produce their albums. If someone is lucky enough to succeed. Spotify and Apple Music are the go-to platform for distribution.But, it comes at a huge price. They take a large cut of the royalties.

To top it all off, there are security and geographical issues such as legal impediments, copyright and censorship can prevent the work of the artists from teaching some countries. In the face of all this, it’s not a surprise independent artists find it extremely difficult to find success.

Blockchain Has a Cure For The Millenial Whoop

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The status quo in the music industry works in no one favors anymore. It has dumbed down the taste of the general public and makes sure that the profits are reaped by the big labels, label-backed artists and their middlemen. Unfortunately, music is no longer an art and just a means of profit. This is where the blockchain steps in and can give the music industry a muchh need overhaul.

Qravity’s Blockchain A True Blessing

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Qravity’s blockchain based platform is designed with the sole purpose of supporting artists throughout the entire process of the album production. Project founders can use Qravity’s full suite of professional communications and project management tools for the overseeing of album’s production.

Whenever the album is ready to launch, Qravity can help to create direct artist to consumer relationships. The teams involved get immediately compensated for their work through micropayments from the consumer or distributor.

It allows artists to track all the music they’ve produced and how it is being used. The unique ID ledger system helps to eradicate all possibilities of torrenting music digitally, which means the creators will keep profiting every time someone accesses their content. We think this transparent system can help solve global distribution as well. Hell yeah!

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What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a potential in terms of diversity and quality of music with the help of blockchain technology? Will the millennial whoop be a thing of the past?

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