Blockchain Gets More User Friendly With Oracle

Due to the excessive demand and realization for the need of Blockchain technology solutions now it seems to be the most demanding technology in next couple of years. US-based second largest software solution providers in the world are introducing their Blockchain products starting in May 2018.

a platform-as-a-service blockchain product will become available this month, with decentralized ledger-based apps to follow in June Thomas Kurian, Oracle

Oracle has been working with all industry sectors for their Blockchain solutions.

  • In the Banking sector, Oracle has been working with Banco de Chile, which is one of Chile’s largest commercial banks. Oracle is aiming to develop a Hyperledger solution for logging inter-bank transactions. This Blockchain based technology solution can be used by other banks all over the world.
  • Oracle is also working with Nigerian government for their customs and imports department to log customs duties data on blockchain platforms.
  • Oracle is planning to develop Blockchain based solutions for hospitals and pharmaceuticals companies to track medical products, helping them expedite recalls and boost traceability.
  • Oracle has signed an MOU with Hana which is one of South Korea’s largest Banks to develop a loyalty points trading platform using blockchain technology.

Oracle has also been working on a range of other blockchain-related deals with companies around the world.

Muhmmad Furqan

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