Blockchain for influencers!

The world was sick of celebrity and people who were famous for being famous be all the rave. The world pushed out a new concept of social media influencers. Give this world a rod and it will find a way to fish, even if the it means creating a pond.

We live in the digital age. Heard of it? Yes, same. Ad nauseam. So in our advertising wasteland what is relevant, fair, demanded and who sells, who decides it all? People do, we do right? Wrong.

Businesses selling goods and looking for influencers plus the agencies working to improve relationships with these social media and digital content producers do. They sometimes pick, choose, polish and make these influencers available after making a creative segmentation and building a fan base. All of these efforts just for the likes?

Well, yes. The likes get viewers and the target audience to see other people get validation for doing something that the influence is subtlety telling you to do. So, i do not have to invest in the skimpy outfit, i can just see that my favorite blogger is pulling it off just right, 213134 likes in the past six minutes and the outfit brings her skin color out so beautifully, who is not sold to this?


But, this industry is still not doing enough. Yes companies pay for above $500,000 for dedicated videos to bigger YouTubing names and higher and lower, both are the norm but this is still not fair.

Agencies are eating up the efforts of these talents. They are keeping close watch on their weights, looks, jokes, thoughts and typos.




This industry, no matter how fresh out of the boat, it needs remedies and correction in its infancy. We do not want another television, scripted reality show like non-creative wasteland of ideas and replication with a slight different packaging of the same biases, in the same order and style.

This industry calls for decentralization like all others. The influencer, the audience and the advertisers or sponsors need to be on the same page. Influencers should know what they are, in a way selling, is not toxic, produced from child labor all such labels are present (and truly so). They should be able to say no when they feel like, the power should actually lie in the hands of the influences, gurus or artists.

People should be able to suggest what they should do next. Public has a fair say and if the influencers job is dependent on public validation then why not.

Such systems are not possible in the traditional social media and internet solutions. Blockchain technology is however, allowing a greater deal of democracy and freedom in creative domains.

YouTube, Google, Facebook, all are adapting to this tech in their own ways. This will enable their issues of impersonation, identity fraud and content theft to be well handled allowing better internet security and safety.

Things are still in their nubile, infant stages. But, it is best to research and understand what is this all about and what will become of us.

Adaptation is the key to survival, of course, age old wisdom!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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