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Blockchain Dominated Google Cloud Next ’18

Helping people jump on the blockchain bandwagon

Google Joins the Tech Giant List to offer blockchain solutions to customers. Google released a statement on Monday about their Next’18 game plan.

Cloud partners at Google demonstrated how businesses can speed up their innovation process, collect insights and transform existing information systems using blockchain solutions. Google presented a game plan to develop these abilities further through collective refinement. Google has thousands of Cloud partners. These are the immediate beneficiaries of this adaptation of blockchain systems into the Google knowledge systems.

Google has streamlined its technical abilities for better security, business ideation and problem solving services. It has introduced new and improved incorporation of blockchain tech within their cloud based services.

Google has expanded its technical partnerships by ten times in the recent one year. The task force and expert resource has been expanded twice as much. This has been done to meet the growing tech needs of the ever so sophisticated and fast expanding globe. Google has come up with several channel partnerships to add accessibility for the clients and smaller businesses. Google has been on the hunt of macro effect technologies developed by small garage setup startups and fortune 500 companies just the same. These include bigger names like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG and many, many more.

The growing Google network allows customers to enjoy more and more benefits per USD invested. The associated business enjoy not only cost savings and the results speed up but also they are likely to monetize the value addition by cashing in on their end users, making even more money on top of the savings.

Blockchain is likely to help Google’s SaaS partners the most. The partners on board with the idea include Salesforce, Box, MongoDB, Zenoss, Elastic, RedisLabs, JFrog, BetterCloud and DialPad. Blockchain reinforcements will be extremely useful for app developers, making app development safer and scam or hack free. Cisco to drive innovation on hybrid solutions across the Cisco Container Platform and GCP are particularly geared up for the service.

According to the Google Press release:

Customers can now explore ways they might use distributed ledger technology (DLT) frameworks on GCP with launch partners including Digital Asset and BlockApps, and try open-source integrations for Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum later this year in our GCP Marketplace.

The conference has further revealed a great depth of insight on how the DLT developments can aid the customers in enhancing their business models much more.

Google’s Conference introduced their DLT partners, who will share how customers can get started on building DLT solutions for enterprises. Making the usage easier and enabling entrepreneurs to incorporate sophisticated technology into their apps. Google shared:

This talk explores techniques for monitoring Cloud Spanner to identify performance bottlenecks. Come learn how to save thousands of dollars and maximize performance with Cloud Spanner.

Google also announced that they have partnered with two blockchain-focused firms, Digital Asset and BlockApps, to offer new distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), which would allow users to “explore ways [customers] might use distributed ledger technology frameworks.” Digital Asset is a service provider and distributor of the distributed ledger technology whereas BlockApps is a blockchain platform to launch apps and systems that are decentralized.

Google offered suggestions on legality and constraint management in a session on the blockchain workshops. This may bust myths around it. Under this theme Google stated:

We’ve designated 19 new partners in five new specialization areas, expanding our program to nine total specializations.

These partnerships are focusing on creating a better cloud that helps transcend the tech ecosystem with the most mainstream name in tech-dev and research. This means customers can create and offer their end users new finance options and payment systems without fraud and malware risks. This can be done through testing out open-source integrations for Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum (ETH) protocols in the GCP Marketplace service.

The DLT segment of the conference was themed to “reduce the technical barriers to DLT application development,”. Participants were excited and businesses ready to transform under specialist care.

Some new and some old partnered experts were an active part of this conference. Names include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Amazon Web Services (AWS), which introduced its blockchain platform for DApps in April 2018.

Earlier in March this year, Google announced it would start blocking crypto-related ads of all sorts in June 2018, following the move of Facebook social media giant, which recently reversed the ban on cryptocurrency ads.

The amount of work being done on making this technology accessible and available to a majority chunk of developers and creators from across all the nooks and crannies of the world is enormous. South Korean telephone tech CompTIA has published a guidebook titled “Harnessing the Blockchain Revolution: CompTIA’s Practical Guide for the Public Sector.” This is proof that the advancement has spread quite some on the map. Google is only ensuring that the spread is more even in all areas and the constraints are reduced to nil. Google says:

These partners have been handpicked to deliver a seamless transition to Google Cloud Platform — from building the foundational architecture to the actual mechanics of migration.

Google co-founder spoke at a conference in July saying he finds crypto currency ‘mind boggling’. The conference summed up on 26th July 2018. For further understanding watch how and what Google will do with the blockchain systems here:

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