Blockchain Cuties & TRON Unite to Offer Unique Updates

One of the most irresistible things that the blockchain world has to offer us humans is…. Blockchain Cuties. It is a decentralized crypto collectible game and it is already available on two rather famous blockchain platforms, Ethereum (ETH) and EOS. Recently it has made an addition to the list of platforms, adding a third platform based on the decentralized protocol TRON. And according to reports the TRON version of the game will offer unique content to its users, including Cuties, items and even perhaps locations.

Cuties Future with TRON

Apparently the CEO of Blockchain Cuties, Vladmir Tomko, had been on the look out for an opportunity to work with TRON since the June of 2018 and the door to that opportunity opened in December for his platform.

The game developer has high hopes with this alliance, as he ardently believes that incorporating the TRON community in his game will provide more opportunities for the users when it comes to representing their Cuties in the battlefield. Furthermore, the team has high hopes that the integration of Blockchain Cuties with the TRON platform will help in achieving a higher transaction speed, which ultimately will bring more options to the gameplay.

Meanwhile, the TRON team trusts that an extension through the sidechain will help in achieving its goal of 1,000 transactions per second (TPS). In comparison, Ethereum enables 15 TPS and Bitcoin 7 TPS. TRON was launched back in the August of 2017 and was publicized as “a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology.” The fundamental idea behind the project was to give its users the power to publish, store and own data for free.

TRON and Blockchain Cuties share a common principle, where by both the platforms believe that content is supposed to be owned by the creators, artists, script writers instead of “the capitalists who consume them.” Through Blockchain Cuties, the developers got to enjoy full ownership of the Cutie’s value that they themselves created.

Blockchain Cuties is officially the first crypto collectible game placed on the TRON Arcade, which is the special $100 million fund created by TRON. The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun believes that the TRON Arcade holds a crucial place in its plan to provide the best blockchain gaming experience across the globe.

Multi-Blockchain Cuties

This game was released in the era of the crypto-collectible boom and it all started with the launch of CryptoPunks, which holds the title of the first blockchain game ever made.

It offered its users the ability to collect, breed and even trade non-fungible tokens of different animals, including cats, lizards, puppies, bears and, most valuable, fantastic creatures. Now the TRON version of the game will include unique TRON Cuties, which are Red Hedgehog, Fairy Dragon, Bear-o-Bull, LilTronbeary and Tronbeary, and many more.

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