Blockchain Courses are Now a Subject of Interest Among Students

There’s no doubt about the fact that blockchain is making a place everywhere in the world. Even in places where the use of cryptocurrencies is frowned upon, there’s work being done on blockchain there. This includes countries like China, Korea etc. New startups emerge on top of the technology everyday with thousands of ICOs being completed every next second, the only components that the platform now need are developers, engineers and people who have sound knowledge of blockchain, lots of them. Universities and institutes offering higher education around the world have identified the need of the hour and have started offering courses relating to blockchain development, engineering and applications of blockchain.

The more the world is being inclined towards the technology, students are developing interest in the field. To cater this, universities around the world have offered multiple courses relating to crypto and blockchain. The top universities of the world, have deemed the technology worthy of academic study and are making research centers to facilitate the students who are wiling to contribute to the distributed ledger. Initially, the students of computer sciences were naturally inclined towards the technology, but with the increase in development and advertisement of the field, students from all disciplines have opted for the crypto classes. Coinbase conducted a research quite recently where they surveyed the top universities of the world and their contribution to blockchain in terms of the courses offered by them.

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The results were expected, the top universities are catching up with the technological advancements being made in recent times and are keen for the students to learn and research in the specific area.

One of the reason why the students are flocking towards the technology is the job market. The technology allows blockchain students to get employed and get handsome numbers in terms of salaries. In Q3 of 2017, Upwork; the leading freelance website, uploaded the results of their survey regarding the fastest growing skills, 2 of the first three were related to blockchain.

The job postings alsp have increased significantly over the years as the technology has progressed. The number of jobs created by startups and currencies have increased exponentially. LinkedIn shows more than 3000+ jobs as of yet when searched about blockchain jobs.

David Yermack, the finance department chair, offered his first course in blockchain and financial services in 2014, at New York University Stern School of Business. During that period, 35 students signed up for the course which was less than the typical amount of students that signed up for an elective. Times changed and in 2018, the number of students climbed up exponentially to 230, this forced him to move the class to one of the largest auditoriums. He also shared his views on why students should be interested in such courses,

A process is well underway that will lead to the migration of most financial data to blockchain-based organizations, students will benefit greatly by studying this area.

Meeting the requirements of the date, 42% of the top 50 universities of the world have offered at least one course in the field of blockchain. Further statistics show that not only can developers and engineers gain from these courses, but there are interdepartmental courses as well. Among the 172 courses offered by the top 50 universities, 15% were offered by business, economics, finance, and law departments, and 4% were in social science departments such as anthropology, history, and political science.

The interests of the students also had a story of their own, looking at the job market, the inclination of students naturally fell towards blockchain. A professor at Duke University, Campbell Harvey said,

If you’re graduating from law school it’s a tough market these days, however, the law students that are trained in blockchain, they don’t need to apply anywhere. People are just asking them to join their firms.

With the increase in demands of blockchain based applications and decentralized systems that offer more security, transparency and speed etc. the demand of developers, lawyers, marketing managers, engineers and other people related also increase. With the top universities offering courses relating to blockchain,it is safe to say that the future of blockchain is certainly in good hands.

Shehryar Hasan

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