Blockchain can Prevent Fraudulent Medicine and Vaccine Manufacturing in China

Reputation of Chinese Company, Changsheng Biotechnology, falls at stake as Federal Development Authority exposes fraudulent medicine and vaccine manufacturing, since they fail to comply by international administrative standards. Reported by CNN, Chinese Central government released a statement;

Those involved will be resolutely punished with zero tolerance. (The government) will resolutely crack down on all illegal and criminal acts that endanger the safety of people’s lives,

Medical industry of China has been under serious distrust as a result of multiple prior fraudulent concerns. This scandal got caught by serious heat, specially among parents when back in 2017 and 2015, reports confirmed that numerous Chinese food processing factories and plants did not stand up to biological potency either. Taking a deep look into this grave issue’s history, about 300,000 infants fell sick and 6 died due to faulty and tainted formula milk. Back then, huge sales of infant formula milk were sought from international firms casting their national brands aside.

According to SCMP, it was only a week earlier that Chinese Food and Development Authority confirmed that a total of 253,000 of DTP – diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus were found faulty. Changsheng Biotechnology had sold the batch to Shandong Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center. Time states that they however; were fined heavily just to reach out to another pharmaceutical default. Now being one of Chinese giant, Changsheng Biotechnology, supposedly manufactured approximately 23 percent of Rabies Vaccine in China. It was also reported by SCMP that they had supplied approximately 250,000 sub standardized vaccines which gave Chinese population a major setback once again.

As soon as CFDA revealed medicine fabrication in such major quantities, Changsheng Biotechnology was heavily fined as government took prompt action against this uproar. CNN further cites that Premier, Li Keqiang, has demanded a detailed investigation of entire Chinese medicine manufacturing and supply chains to ensure no further harm is done. He states that this incident has not only caused suspicion but “broke people’s moral bottom line.”  

As soon as this news broke, fake records and illegal manufacturing of rabies doses and for supplying freeze-dried doses for humans, was pinpointed. Thus, parents residing in Shandong Province China, who received about 200,000 vaccines, were under suspect, but fortunately, no harmful effects or grievances have come forth as of yet.

However, against public outrage, Chinese blockchain experts are of the view to put entire process of medicine manufacturing and supply chains on these platforms. With the involvement of pharmaceutical industry into blockchain platforms, greater transparency and exposure would not only keep Chinese citizens at peace but also pressurize company operations to be at par with predetermined parameters due to blockchain transparency.

When talking of transparency, the few important measures that require concern is the content any vaccine or medicines carries and the kind of room temperature it has been stored in. Storage plays a pivotal role at time of distribution via numerous national and international supply chains. This could be done if every vaccine is QR coded. Thus, the medicine and entire batch can be easily tracked back to who its owner is – to establish credibility, manufacturing date, what contents it carries and the kind of temperature it has been kept in. Once the data has been stored, it can be tracked in places far and wide.

By allowing donors to track money, goods and treatment in real time, blockchain could transform how organizations fund and execute health programs, curbing waste, saving money and bringing better care to billions.  Blockchain and Global Health, Foreign Affairs

Catering to the dire consequences of sub standardized and fraudulent vaccines and medicines, blockchain intends to reduce medical wastage and curtail such deception but also improve national and international medicine procurement make medicines available to all in need at the right time. As long as parities contain an internet and GPS location activated, all individuals and information is connected. This information is important also because ownership of medicines keeps on changing from one distributor to another supply chain.

Ensuring quality standards, availability of the right vaccine at required service points and exalted logistics with greater transparency of processes can be made available via blockchain technology and is the need of hour in Chinese pharmaceutical companies to retain trust and to run their operations up to standards.

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