Blockchain Based Law, Answer to all inequalities and biases?

Our current legal systems worldwide do not have what it takes, to make things right. Law and order is not only dependent on law enforcement agencies, but the quality of the legal departments is actually contingent to the very basic principle foundations and constitution composition.

If the law is shady and doubtful, if legal precedents can be manipulated and if people can lie in courts of law, even when under oath, then what good is any lawyer or judge. Truth and the innocent victim will end up down the drain if things are pesky because of system deficits.

We live in a world of extreme inadequacies and gaps between what people think quality of life should be and what quality of life really is. This gap became acceptable at some point in history and things like capitalism, colonial influences, slavery and patriarchy slowly diminished our self esteems to breed a culture of settling for less. A culture otherwise known as compromise. This is whereby the weak (mostly, just in their own heads, because of social reinforcement of biases and stereotypes) accept their state of powerlessness as their fate, luck or merit. This is where we let our low self esteems win. This is where legal and moral systems fail.

A rape culture will have women and/or other victims feel as if their oppression was somehow their own fault, misdemeanor or neglect.

Immense pressure and romanticism of the idea of motherhood, (mother and her relationship with her child) has led to the disproportionate responsibility of childcare on to her head. Women are still assumed to be responsible (sometimes more than the father, or even when the father decides to be absent or unavailable) for the care of children, the economics and logistics of household. This often makes things difficult or prohibitive for their careers. This bias has translated into law. Ingrained into mindsets. The freshest of lawyers will know the legal systems everywhere are tilted this way. They let men slack, women suffer.

This is just a simple case study, we can not ignore the prevalence of gender binary in our example as well as in legal systems, various sexual identities, orientations and other minority groups that are misrepresented to an extend that self fulfilling prophecies hit in all the fucking time.

Supportive family policies set by the government—such as multi-month and equitable paid parental leave, and guaranteed and/or heavily subsidized childcare—has empirically correlated with greater representation and success of women in the workplace. Denmark and other Nordic countries are fantastic examples of this.

Women work the triple shift without any compensation, the law does nothing. Men are absent, law does nothing. Men or women hit and neglect their children, law remains silent and prescribes a few remedies, fines and corrective facilities in a court of law.

The unpaid emotional labor of women and househusbands remains unpaid. Workplace harassment is still a thing despite such overheated social media activities and the #Metoo campaign. People are still debating whether they have a right to say things they feel or not, whether free speech is a thing or not, As tech has run miles and miles ahead of this all. Light years ahead in the game.

There is legal system where all loopholes, ways around the legal bounds, borderline crimes and neglected legal jurisdiction can all be handled. There is a legal system that can allow a clean, thorough and marginalization free regiment for all. There is a system that can automatically identify, cure and handle oppression while ensuring it is never repeated. There is system that can monetize issues in a way that the mistakes are no longer doable, but curbed once and for all. There is a system where Trump’s impeachment is not a debate, but sure shot win for the people of the nation. There is a system that can prevent all crap, before it happens.

The system is known as blockchain.  A blockchain based legal system is all the rave of the future heading to us, from constitution to enforcement, it is all unfuckablewith.

 So, are you impressed? Would you be a part of such a thing?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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