Blockchain Based BitVit; Envisions to Create a Globalized Healthcare System

A new blockchain based company, BitVit, has presented the idea to establish a global network which helps the users to lead a healthier life using different programs. In particular, a wide range of alternative health treatments, natural untreated food, natural beauty and health products, sportive activities and education programs for a better life will be offered.

According to a research, over 95% of the world population has health problems and of which, one third of the population has the chance of having 5 ailments. The research also showed that the proportion of the lifespan that a person remains sick has rose from one fifth (about 21%) to one third (about 21%). The diseases are prevailing with time and life expectancy has shortened over time, and the health issues are rising.

It is quoted from Theo Vos, the lead author and Professor of Global Health at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington, USA:

The fact that mortality is declining faster than non-fatal disease and injury prevalence is further evidence of the importance of paying attention to the rising health loss from these leading causes of disability, and not simply focusing on reducing mortality.

The company is motivated to provide solutions to this, by exchange of intellect from the experts and scientists, to the general public. This would help the future generations become healthier and knowledgeable.

BitVit has announced the collaboration with YllaLife, (in their White paper) which would help with providing special treatments via their YllaLife centers. The main idea is to provide people with a healthier and longer life. The centers would provide rehab, Oral hygiene, Natural beauty programs and nutritional supplements made from organic farming. Apart from that they would also help promote sports activities and lead educational programs through their YllaSports schools.

These institutes (Yllasports centers), currently offer sports equipment rentals and professional training from former professional athletes, and other activities like Zumba, cardiovascular activities, tours, events, yoga etc. Apart from the physical activities, they also offer nutrition related courses, classes and weight loss programs.

The company envisions to contribute to a healthier and longer life of mankind. It also proposes a new payment method for their programs, which is a special kind of cryptocurrency which would be accepted as the payment method in every sports center. They also have sales and offers for every transaction made, like discounts and bonus coins. The company aims to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain in the health sector and urges the people to understand the true potential of cryptocurrency. In their white paper, they mentioned, “Through the introduction of the BitVit Coin, we have the possibility to enhance trust, networking and acceleration in the business. It is the predominant way for the market to develop digitally, take its next steps, and increase its social spread.”

They also stated that:

The sustainable sports, health, beauty and food industry is already known for innovation and trendsetting, and it is now time for it to adopt cryptocurrencies.

The BitVit is based on the Etherium blockchain protocol, the company claims it to be fast, secure and cost-efficient. Before getting to the ICO, the company has provided the laymen with the ecosystem, based on which they would operate. This ecosystem contains and is not limited to;

  • BitVit Coin
  • BitVit App
  • BitVit Foundation
  • BitVit eWallet
  • BitVit Debit Card
  • BitVit Points of Acceptance

The company also hopes to create a platform in the future where the users would not be limited to use the currency for health and sports equipment only, but may be able to trade, buy and sell BitVits like any other cryptocurrency.

The company aims to raise money through an ICO. The expected money to be raised through the initial coin offerings is $60 million according to the website and the White paper. This raised money would be used to make a crypto bank and a crypto exchanging platform. The payment method, however, initially is through tokens of BTC and ETH and the price of one BitVit is $0.5.

Although the vision of BitVit about human life expectancy and nutrition are mature and fascinating, but they cannot be termed as the pioneers of using cryptocurrency in this field. The positive side is that, there are other companies like The MediLedger Project, which was able to successfully bringing competing pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers to the same table. Other projects like SimplyVital Health, which claim;

Our product, ConnectingCare brings providers together from different clinical organizations onto the same platform, where they can view the same data for shared patients. Financial and clinical algorithms powered by AI provide actionable strategic opportunities for all users.

And apart from running organizations, products like Etheal, are also raising ICO’s in order to contribute to the healthcare society.

Shehryar Hasan

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