‘Blockchain’ Bags Number One Spot For Most Overrated Buzzword Of 2018, According To Survey

A recent survey from a study by Media Post’s Research Intelligencer has revealed that according to advertisers, blockchain was the most overrated word of this past year!

2018 has been a tumultuous time for the cryptoverse, but apparently it hasn’t been all bad if people have been using the term a lot, albeit as a buzzword. The study was conducted in January 2019 and consisted of interviews of 181 advertising agencies and 120 marketers.

The main aim of the research was to figure out which were the most recurring and overused word in the world of advertising. not surprisingly a total of 26% of participants interviewed cited the word blockchain as their most used word for the past year, catapulting it to the top of the list.

The second most overrated terms, ‘AI’ and ‘Programmatic’ were actually a pretty pleasant surprise since they are also both related to the tech world.  Both shared the second most spot, had a collective total of 19% and showed a trend towards an increase in scientific buzzwords reigning supreme in 2018.

However, the crypto love doesn’t end there as a slang but popular abbreviation of the word cryptocurrency called ‘crypto’ bagged the third spot in the list with 12 percent of the votes. However, the survey also showed that while 33% of the advertisers though blockchain was ovverrated, only 22% of the ad agencies though the same.

According to Editor in chief of Media Post, Joe Mandese, “Blockchain consumed a disproportionate share of industry conversations in 2018, which may be one of the reasons it was also named the most overrated word of the year by ad execs surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions.”

According to the research Intelligencer, this study was conducted after the release of the Association of National Advertisers words of the year which were “brand purpose”. They stated that this and an aim of understanding the way the advertising industry works were it’s main reasons.

The survey also delved a bit deeper into the psyche of the advertising industry and found out that the most important words of 2018 were ‘Transparency’ and ‘Influencer’ respectively at the first and second spots. To some, the surge of the recent #MeToo movement all over the world might also be sort of the reason for transparency being at the top, however since two of the most important buzzwords were related to crypto, that might be the more obvious choice.


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