Blockchain AR/VR Games, Bigger Than PUBG?

Real gamers know the struggle, it was not always like this, this glam, this fanatic. Sure yes, when Donkey Kong, The family computer and video games first came out, say the Nintendo’s and Space war’s, it made all they hype and people went bonkers.
But, the journey from that to today’s Sims, Second Life, World of Warcraft is a crazy long one. Things have only refined and refined over time. Let’s talk about the most significant evolutions in this industry, and let’s face it, we are the best industry, the citizens of a great race, currently running through the augmented reality and virtual reality miles.
People love to interact and live online, where the problems army be big like an attacking rogue army that is trying to eat itself or the thick plots of Sims and life simulation games where even the meal needs to be cooked and money needs to be earned.
People forget they have these very problems around them and choose to play to win, not at life at the games. It is addictive once you are in. And for some even a very toxic problem. But, it does not need to be scandalized and criminalized any more than taboos have tried to make it. So, let’s remember the humble beginnings and only the good stuff.
But ever since the internet connected players and created multiplayer worlds online whole communities formed, that was dedicated to the game, its fandom, sharing culture and making the world a tiny little shiny little global village.

The gaming world like any other tech thing has grown impeccably, like the first computers, the first texts to the development of Msn Messenger, thank you internet, from tiny webcams to Facebook and FaceTime with HD cams big on beauty filters. The blockchain is the Apple.inc for the gaming world. It is what globalization did to pizzas, it is what the internet has done to drugs, revolutionized the market!

Communication within games used to be nonexistent, games led to chat rooms, chat rooms led to e-mails, the struggle used to be longer but game developers have remained on top of their game and brought to us some of the best advents through capitalist means, however.

When you Google About Blockchain Gaming, you get about 35,600,000 results in 0.54 seconds.
When you Google  PUB, you get a whopping 167,000,000 results in 0.41 seconds.
When you Google About Blockchain, you get about 274,000,000 results in 0.42 seconds.
This industry is huge, even Google knows it. Bigger than PUB-FUCKING-G?

Khunsha Javed

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