Blockchain: A Dystopic Future Fantasy?

Here's what to do.

In a world of reigning tech, what cannot be ignored is the threat of absolute redundation and demise. This is that of those left behind. Anybody who does not change, will be an outcast. In the world of meritocracy, it is actually quite painful to be the one still on the obsolete front of ideas and things.

So believe us when we tell you this is a service to you.

Let us show you what your future is like, let us help you shape your fortune. Because, tech is not gonna stop itself.

My favorite fictional character says: ‘What do you do when a person puts a gun to your head?’ – ‘You find a way to turn that gun back at them.’

This is a good quid pro quo, return that favor baby, for that is all you can do.

Technological advancements can save this world. But, these can also turn it into an episode from Altered Carbon or Dark Matter in no time.

Because, this could also mean that human jobs are at stake.

But, more so because human lifestyle and the meaning of life is at stake.

Personal relationships are at stake.

Technological advancements can lead us right into the biggest emotional, physiological and mental voids of all time. Where all food is GMO, all work is alienated and all things are hyper active. Social media and what it has done to us is only a small part of it. Only the starting of the start.

Yes, blockchain could mean that people feel so alone and unuseful that nothing could be done their after, but to feel nostalgic. While some generations may not remember lives without and they may not even be able to see what is wrong with this world, their may be chances of extreme emotional and mental exhaustion to a scale that people begin to quitting it all.

People can resort to machine cooked food – chef grade, machine directed and created movies and cartoons, self driving cars and what not. Such is the power of blockchain, but no, not fun.

In a world where human beings are not needed for jobs, human beings are not required for creative work, such as creating animation, movies, recipes and or racing cars, what will people do? Only what machines can not do best, as yet. That is sex, politics and breakups.

Neon signs, extreme debauchery and sexualization, hyper consumerism and pop culture pressures may lead to extreme instatiation and unrest.

People get so fed up out of this advertising wasteland which finds itself wherever they go, that they quit it all. People can quit yes, that is quite a possibility. They could quit technology, smartphones, gadgets, news, television and the biggest plague of it all – The internet.

This means that the future of tech, will bring a future of exhaustion, which may then lead to a retreat back to the good old ways of life. So, either you be prepared to be replaced and out of touch, or you find yourself a way to insulate yourself from all of this, as well as at the same time, adapting to it.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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