Blockbattle- The Blockchain Survival Show Set to Air on TV

Blockchain and crypto currencies have been taking the world by storm, contributing to the evolution and refinement of several pre-existing digital systems. Various blockchain based projects and forums have popped up globally, marking their spot in the crypto-verse. It is becoming increasingly clear that blockchain is not a temporary phase that will eventually blow away. The upcoming blockchain survival show, ‘Blockbattle’ stands as proof of the fact that digital assets and blockchain are today’s reality and are decidedly here to stay.

Years after introducing Bitcoin to the world towards the end of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of the decentralized peer-to-peer payment system, vanished from the face of the internet. Now a show dedicated to unearth the next Nakamoto, is set to hit TV screens. According to the CEO of Asia Economy TV, Hyun-Woo Kim the blockchain survival show will be broadcasted on October 19th on their channel.

Blockbattle- Who’s the Next Satoshi will break through the clutter, being the first blockchain based survival show, amongst a plethora of reality shows that are currently on air. This reality show will focus on bringing various blockchain development teams from all over the world and pit them against one another in a battle of wits.

The quest to find the next Satoshi Nakamoto.

The show will follow the basic format of every other reality show hence renowned judges from the world will be playing the role of crypto gods as they embark on this journey to find the next Satoshi. The show’s preliminary judges panel comprises of professionals from Korea University, Dongguk University, Korean Blockchain Industry Association, Open Blockchain Association and the Korea Blockchain Association.

Furthermore, the judges’ panel will also include Damian Willaims who is a Chief Investment Officer at Alchemist, a company that specializes in token sales, blockchain project development and investment. Roger Ver, who is an early investor in Bitcoin-related startups and is also considered a Bitcoin Evangelist. Lee Shin-Hye Of GBIC, which is a multi-strategic crypto fund.

With such an extensive list, including several other prominent names, it is crystal clear that Blockbattle is aiming for unprecedented authenticity in the blockchain world as they try to find the next crypto mastermind.

According to the Blockbattle announcement, following the initial screening of projects, only 10 will qualify for the finals. All the groups will go through a series of presentations, one-on-one battles and other team competitions to prove their crypto wit.

The ten teams will receive mentorship from domestic and international experts in technology, business, law, marketing, and finance.

Blockbattle will air five episodes, all the while giving their viewers a chance to vote in real-time in order to choose the winner for the distributed ledger building competition.

Votes will be reflected during the final episode, set for November 19th. The final episode will be broadcasted live, and the winner will be announced based on the results of the voting. 

At the end of the finish line awaits a grand prize for the winning team, which is a whooping amount of 1 million Won, equivalent to $89748 USD; as well as, an‘expert mentoring program’ and the opportunity to be funded by global investment funds.

Blockbattle’s first episode will air on Asia Economy TV in Korea, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. For viewers not hailing from the specified regions, the show will also be streaming live on the Youtube channel, ‘Coincast’.

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