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Bittrex is Sponsoring Women 4 Blockchain Hackathon

Bittrex, the U.S based blockchain trading platform, has recently announced that it will be sponsoring the hackathon being hosted by Women4Blockchain (W4B) in NYU Law School New York. The tentative dates for the event to be held are October 5-8, 2018. The Hackathon is an invitation to all whether they are developers, IT/systems analysts, business analysts, project managers, lawyers, or a even a student. In addition to the hackathon, there are multiple workshops and conferences scheduled to be held during the 4-day event.

As the name suggests, they are also making efforts to motivate more Women in technology learn useful skills through this Hackathon. But the platform does not exclusively target women, youngsters are also being offered opportunities in the form of outreach programs through college and universities.

All the participants at the event will be in charge of delivering blockchain based solutions to the problems in their relative fields. The people in Business will formulate new business model, the lawyer will formulate rules and regulations that are much needed for blockchain based application whereas only hackers or developers will be in charge of producing a blockchain based application. The young participant will be provided opportunities to learn about blockchain and its applications by Block geeks and The Learning Hub. The crash courses conducted by these startups are to be attended mandatorily by all the participants.

The Hackathon is only a part of the knowledge and fun packed event. Many of the famously known Personalities of the crypto world will be speaking at the event. Some of them include, Anna Vladi the Founder of Women4blockchain, Arthur Brock, the Co-Founder of  Holochain, Emily Coleman the CMO of ShapeShift and Shannon Grinnell the Podcast Producer and Host of Speaking of Crypto.

By openly inviting individuals from numerous fields, the organization, Women4Blockchain, aims to inspire individuals to get educated about the emerging blockchain technology and to help spread the adoption of the technology. By the provision of such a platform as this one, they are promoting the utility and application of the DLT technology in a myriad of communities.

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