Bitcore’s Head of Administration Discusses ATM and Hardware Wallet Ledger Integration Delay

The Head of Administration at Bitcore (BTX), which is a community-driven cryptocurrency with aims of being more scalable than others, discusses the delay in Lamassu ATM integration, Genesis ATM integration and hardware wallet integration goals specified by the company to be completed during Q3 2018 in its roadmap.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding the delay, Thomas Casper, the Head of Administration at Bitcore BTX, stated:

Somehow the hardware wallet topic is very difficult for us. Jon did everything to make everything possible for an integration. On our side we have done our homework and everything is prepared for the pull request. As you might already know we have done an update to our wallet and updated our public keys address format. The old addresses caused some confusion for such HW-wallet provider because of the similarity to the Bitcoin addresses. However, I think when the full switch to the newest wallet is finished then it will also come to an update of the HW provider.

ATM integration was also one of the major goals specified for Q3 by Bitcore. But as suggested by Thomas, there are some issues that are holding back this development to be made for Bitcore. There are certain issues linked to liquidity that are being faced by the ATM providers at site. It is one of the major development that will likely drive the general public towards more large-scale adoption of Bitcore. Although it was one of the prime goals targeted by Bitcore, for now, it has been put out of the priority list of Bitcore.

Regarding this situation, Thomas stated:

ATM integration is another topic that we were euphoric at the beginning. We now see that all these ATM provider also facing some liquidity issues at site. That’s why it’s not our main focus for now although they will come time after time.

Bitcore lagging behind its specified roadmap might not come off as a great news for the followers of this community. It decreases the trust regarding the capability of a product in the ecosystem. Completing targets before the specified time frame is often appreciated by the community members. But this also does not necessarily specify that the product is going towards failure. After postponing the previously mentioned goals, the company can focus on more burning issues at hand in order for the product to fully realize its potential.

Talking about this delay, Thomas also stated:

Last but not least something regarding our roadmap. You might have seen that we are a bit behind schedule. We are aware of this but we can say that we are hard working to get this things done.

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