Bitcoin’s Lottery Based Games, Try Your Luck

What are these Lotteries?

Bitcoin lotteries are becoming more and more popular in the Bitcoin gambling world. Obviously, duh, you must know all about them too! They could be your pick of the hooking poison in he most life giving ways ever!

After all, how many other types of online gambling games can offer you the chance to win such massive sums of money for such a small and sometimes nonexistent investment?

What’s more, that the lotteries do not marginalize people based on their skills. I can play a lottery at the same odds as you, no skills at all when it comes to playing lotteries mean that even the newest of gamblers could be the one to walk away with a large cash prize worth many BTC. Now, do i have you complete attention? Thanks, it is for you own true good!

The busier the site, the greater the chances of wining! The smaller the site, the smaller the reward but the lesser the competition. You are safe either way! Just be safe from imposters and you are good to win!

The premise of the Bitcoin lottery exactly what every other lottery uses, you will need to pick a set amount of numbers and then hope that the numbers you have picked match the numbers drawn. Call it tambola, lucky draw, chit-lotto or whatever, you name it each culture has a variation of it. Now we welcome it to the digital world too.

Bitcoin lotteries are happening all the time, no waiting this means. The lottery can also be turned into a highly social experience, as it enables people to be able to chat with loads of other gamblers while the number are yet to be called.

Lottery can be played with virtually no initial funds, for free. However, this can really depend on the site you choose to play at. Although, it is generally the case that the minimum you can bet is a sum worth 0.00000001 BTC. This is really nothing and not too much right, considering the fairness and the odds at wining which have never been perfect.

The maximum bet is usually somewhere around the 1 BTC mark, however this does vary wildly.

The lotteries are provably fair.

A game that is provably fair allows the player to check that the turn taken was indeed a completely fair one. This is important, as it ensures that the game is completely transparent, and it also proves that the casino in question is not cheating players. Blockchain happens to be the most transparent and online or digital trust building system that we know of after all!

There are a great deal of provably fair checkers online, you can find the details you need to input into them, such as your secret hash and client seed, displayed prominently when you play. This will lead you to your results and leave you with great contentment that it was completely fair and un-meddled.

It’s simply because of the way these games are designed. The lottery format is killin’ it because of its super low house edge that is not possible with other gambling platofrms and places.

This is enough to get you hooked, tread with caution and make lots of money today! Let us know your results! Cheers!

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