Bitcoins is Used by the Enemies Which is a Proof that Bitcoin is Sound Money, Says Jimmy Song

The crypto analysts and zealot, Jimmy Song came swinging again to defend the crypto juggernaut, bitcoin. The analyst was of the view that people do have their own opinion about the cryptos but the thing to ponder over is that how the adversaries manipulate the magnificent features of the platform to their own use.

The “enemy” as Song suggested, are always on the lookout and pick the strongest of operational frameworks for their own use in order to stay ahead of everyone else to score the ultimate victory. The same case goes for bitcoin in a way that the dark markets and under the table deals have always been conducted either by the cryptos as recently, or the genesis versions of the cryptos at the time when the trend was emerging out from the roots. Jimmy Song declared that in case bitcoin can be the most handy tool for the enemies, we can surely carve out the good in it and use it to fortify our own financial and monetary systems. BlockPublihser got to extract some comments from the addressee which have been summated below.

The enemy use bitcoin as they obviously understand what sound money really is because otherwise they would have stayed far off. If people do not get a grasp as to whether they are being well treated by bitcoin, they should reconsider for a while.

The crypto or crypto-resembling projects, many of them, owe their existence to their dark original basis. But that certainly does not put them with the bad leagues as that is mainly dependent over the place the projects took the start from. There are several crypto or blockchain analysts who have turned the light towards the stereotype and have strived to break it all together in order for the cryptos to openly thrive.

Jimmy Song is among such analysts who devotes his attention to this very situation. He describes that people often show hesitation towards crypto and refrain from getting their finance into the crypto chain. Though this may be from various factors owing to the personal behaviors of the masses, people do have their fair share of fears for the cryptos. Song turns to the situation that in case people hesitate from the cryptos, they must know that the enemies use this mode of monetary transactions for their own safety protocols. This can be either viewed as the total despise for the entire system or can be genuinely seen as the way we can benefit out of.

There is a simple understanding of the discourse that the enemy tries to use the most efficient way to operate and get things sorted out in the most smooth way possible along with the best security protocols to prevent from being exposed. Bitcoin brings these offers to the table for the genius brains to retrieve.

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