Bitcoin Will Always Remain The King Of The Crypto-Throne

Bitcoin hit the market in 2009, that’s when the first Bitcoin was officially mined. It has been 10 freaking years and Bitcoin has survived all the sh*t storm!

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It wasn’t until 2013, Bitcoin got heads turned! It made the news and took over the internet by storm. If you didn’t already know, Bitcoin is the first digital currency to exist. It’s a payment system where transactions more or less are anonymous and peer-to-peer. Bitcoin is developed in unique way that it’s creation gets progressively more intensive as it increases.

Better Than The Rest

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The crypto-world is filled with other crypto’s such as Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. They are all very different platforms with developers who are extremely involved in the crypto-community. Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum and Charlie Lee from Litecoin hold a lot of power in their hands and their opinions can affect the prices of these coins tremendously. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto has chosen to be anonymous and no single entity can really affect the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a consensus network and it’s the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network which is why the crypto-enthusiasts automatically have more faith in it. It’s also solely powered by its users and not run by a central authority or middlemen. From a crypto-fan’s perspective, Bitcoin is more prescribed by everyone than other crypto’s out there.

We Only Trust Bitcoin

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Everyone is crazy about crypto! But, there is a huge number of growing businesses that only prefer Bitcoin. So, do the individuals. Businesses such as law firms, restaurants, apartments and popular online services. Sure, Bitcoin has remained the same as a relative phenomenon.

But, it keeps growing and growing. The total value of Bitcoin increased 100 million US dollars by May 2018. There is obviously something about Bitcoin that it keeps growing more than the rest of the crypto’s. Don’t you think so?

Why Are People Head Over Heels For Bitcoin?

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  • There is always the freedom to choose your payments option
  • You’re free to choose your transaction fees
  • There are fewer risks for merchants
  • The security and control is excellent
  • It’s more transparent and absolutely neutral

Bitcoin Is Irreplaceable. Period.

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Bitcoin will remain the king! No matter what happens. We can already see despite so many crypto’s in the market. Bitcoin is the leader! So, we don’t need to worry if other crypto’s will replace Bitcoin because to reach the Bitcoin value is quite impossible. The price of Bitcoin keeps increasing and it’ll keep increasing. By the time more crypto’s hit the market, it’ll be impossible to reach the level of Bitcoin. Same goes for the existing crypto’s!

Bitcoin has it’s flaws. The scalability issue of Bitcoin has been there since forever. But, it still hasn’t stopped it from being the king of the crypto-throne! However, there is a solution of a side-chain implementation which aims to increase the confirmation time and lower the transaction fees. That’s how it works you know, with time every technology is in need of a upgrade and changes. The developers of Bitcoin understand that and they are always on the top of their game to keep Bitcoin as dominating crypto.

Bitcoin has survived every set back and is still the King. We have no reason to believe it won’t be the King in the future as well! Don’t you think the same?

Maira Zaheer

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