“Bitcoin We’re In Love” Blows Up Post Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to proclaim your undying love and affection for that special someone.

If you and your significant other are Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts, then we might just have the perfect crypto love anthem for you to serenade your sweetheart with!

Jason Saulnier hails from Nova Scotia, Canada and has brought us many powerful rock love ballads such as Heartbreak In Teasing and Dreams to Seek to name a few. Now, recently, Saulnier’s epic rock song titled, “Bitcoin, we’re in love” has blown up the airwaves with it’s blockchain inspired lyrics.

The song originally released last year in February only came in the spotlight after Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon aired it during his show earlier today. Nobody can deny the power that late night live shows have, especially considering their fan following is in millions .

The song previously had only 5 views and 1 comment but aptly rose to fame.  Some of the lyrics go, “Cryptocurrency love, Bitcoin we’re in love!” The best part of a song practically serenading Bitcoin is how popular the cryptoverse has become, especially as it seeps into pop culture.

Saulnier’s newfound fan following wrote raving reviews on YouTube and the views are increasing as more and more Tonight Show viewers hear the song.



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