Bitcoin Spending Guide – For Pleasure Seeking Spendors

Ways You Can Indulge Yourself With Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

New and bold ways to spend cryptos are their coming of age parties. Cryptos let you spend mindfully and playfully at the same time. We decided to toss you a list of things you can invest in for some loaded fun.

Pleasure consumption and indulgence level: Outrageously Mogul.

1. Residential sanctuary

There are some awesome-looking, surreal properties showcased on Bitcoin Real Estate – a bitcoin estate portal. It includes properties with descriptions and features such as eight-bedroom, six-living-room, seven-bathroom Australian abode, It has been on the market for the Bitcoin equivalent of $3.5 million.

2. A Tesla 3

In 2016, Mason Borda, now the CEO of the cryptocurrency security firm TokenSoft, said he preordered the pride of Elon Musk’s garage with bitcoins. ‘Model 3 is fully electric, so you never need to visit a gas station again.’

So, if you identify yourself as a mogul who would get their hands on something like this, then move fast before your dream car is cool no more and there is a new toy in stores.

3. Travel

Cryptos can be used to pay for flights and hotels, through Expedia, CheapAir and Surf Air. For more ambitious travellors, bitcoin can be used to pay for space travel through Virgin Galactic. I’ll have two tickets to Mercury, please.

4. Building a Gold Reserve

Fancy some gold? Or more like a ton of gold. Sharps Pixley, APMEX and JM Bullion allow hot walleted bitcoin customers to exchange the fund for gold. I’d like my holiday martini with a touch of 24K, please.

5. Espresso

Like pubs, coffee bars love them some bitcoin. In the Czech Republic’s capital Prague – Bitcoin Coffee only accepts the digital currency and nothing else. Attitude level: Musky and Highly caffeinated

6. Alternative comics

In 2014, L.A.s’ Meltdown Comics claimed the honor of being the first brick-and-mortar comic-book shop to accept bitcoin for in-store purchases. The lesser liked currencies are not cool enough to qualify as a marketing strategy after all.

7. Hemp oil soap

This product may be the perfect marriage of progressive talking points: hemp oil, handmade soap and cutting-edge currency. The Original BitSoaps‘ wares even look like bitcoins. Interesting coinage right. Puns intended, several of them. *wink*

8. Powerball tickets!

Bitcoin owners in Minnesota or New Hampshire can enjoy the Jackpocket app. This app lets you buy lottery tickets via your phone; credit cards and bitcoin accepted. Get rich fast is the goal out here.

9. Good karma!

Charities such as Heifer International and Autism Speaks accept donations via Bitcoin. There are exchanges in operation that help in making these charities easier. Also, act like a bridge among currencies. Other organisations include BitHope, BitGive or Fidelity Charitable. No mogul is mogul without the added features of social responsibility and warmth after all. What’s the use if not charti

Lingerie from the pages of Playboy:

Fancy some Victoria Secrets or Agent Provocateur, wait no more because we have a 28 year long Playboy lingerie runner for you. Use crypto funds to get an exclusive range of products at panties.com. Your purchase will remain a secret as long as you choose to keep it. But, why would you. Two joyous affairs coming together how hot is that for tech!

More indulgent things you think you can buy with crypto bucks? Share ’em down below. We will wait. Also, we already know some of the obvious answers. Wait up for more posts in the series to see where they fit in!

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