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We think “No Postage Necessary” is an indie film that could bring a whole new meaning to the word blockbuster. It’s the first movie ever to bring blockchain to Hollywood. So, are you ready for it?

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We here at Unfilter, took out some time for you and checked the movie out. If you’re wondering why? First of all, we love our readers and we have made a promise to get you all the news, views and gossip happening in the blockchain and crypto sphere. But, there is another reason too. It’s actually the first indie film ever to be released on the blockchain. Guys, we are finally seeing it happening. All the predictions for the blockchain technology are coming true! *Happy Tears*

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Its written and directed by Jeremy Culver and was released on the 6th of July which means you can watch it. The main catalyst of the movie involves around a large Bitcoin theft from a black market on the darknet site.

The Relationship Between Hollywood and Blockchain

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You might be wondering, “why would they release a movie on the blockchain?” Well the answer is much more complicated. Don’t worry! We are here to simplify everything out for you. Hollywood is a huge business, but it comes with its fair share of problems. Even you and even us have a handful of those too. It’s nothing new, right?

However, while our problems are at are still solvable. We can’t say the same for Hollywood. Since, piracy and payments are a problem that doesn’t seem to leave the Hollywood industry alone.

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Theoretically, the blockchain technology is seen as something that could be a possible solution for all the big guns in Hollywood. That’s what the indie film “No Postage Necessary” aims to do so. As, it will improve the the tracking of how many exact plays a movie such as this one will get, which improve the payment system and will decrease the piracy rate evidently.

But, There is a Huge But!

Even though information on the blockchain is much secure than all the data being stored on a singular source. There are still loopholes. It won’t stop people from screen recording and the truth is pirates always do find a way.

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There are plenty of software’s on the market that help to decode video and we are back to square one. Sure, the technology is great for tracking plays that are legitimate and there are even possibilities of improved streaming quality. Piracy will always find its way!

Spoiler Alert (Maybe)

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The movie is worth watching. Cryptocurrency is intricately woven into the entire movie. However, the movie actually revolves around the main characters Sam and Josie’s relationship. There might be a few elements you will have suspend, but the thing is that how it is in all Hollywood movies nowadays.

“No Postage Necessary” was an fun movie to watch and it’s released in an innovative way. We don’t know if the blockchain technology will be picked up by Hollywood, but alas the concept has been proven.

Will you watch the movie? We hope you do! We would love to know your insights on it! Hit us up and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!


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