Bitcoin Mining Challenges The Marxist Labor Market Foresight

So here is a little conversation i had in my Class and Society 101, yesterday. Here is how it went (almost).

I said: Miners earn their reward.

But, isn’t that true for all workers in the labor market?

I replied: No, but, people do not get their due rewards for the efforts they invest in!

So, apparently blockchain and cryptos fulfill the promise that is rightfully made to people, only in reality its not really fulfilled? 

Um.. No let’s explore this a little bit. It is truly fair and just. 

And then.. nobody interjected for a few minutes and here is what i put together for them to explain that it is not some trap, smart plot or a mere uninformed juxtaposition. It makes real sense.

Generally in cryptocurrency what happens is, (loosely,) Miners are rewarded coins for calculating proof-of-work. They are given newly minted coins to continue the good quality work. They are tipped as well for most transactions. So, even if the reward system is not in place, the tipping helps keep the ecosystem alive and running. The coins are to keep the best ones in place. The miners are also given voting rights for essential decisions that are to be made. The creators are not the owners. The concept challenges our status quo and how the mode of companies work.

It is such a tomorrow world kinda thing to exist in this day and age. Although the industry is greatly dominated by men, but women who mine can make equally amounts of money with the same given action and effort. No discrimination. There is no racial, ethnic and color divide. It is an all inclusive thing.

Cryptos treat workers with love and respect. Unlike the boujee land and capital owner, cryptos are decentralised. Working in cryptos means working for yourself and for the product. It means working for the product and for the scope of the business. But, the work does not undermine human energy. The work does not feed on the blood and sweat of the human beings. It rewards instead.

Also, the work is mainly computing based, this means that the labors invested in are slightly less draining than other menial jobs that the bourgeois mind-machines have created to enslave human race in the shape of heavy duty cheap labor.

The work can be done as per personal liking, not as per office timings and SOP’s. It is liberating, futuristic, smart and efficient work. It rewards, it cares and it respects. No Chinese sweatshops, no child labor violations in the farm heat and the amazonian climates.

This is a liberated industry. So has the value production credit not been reversed back to the laborer than what traditional businesses do, reward the already wealthy land and capital owner. All in favor raise your wallets!

*Raises* *Phone Clink*

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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