Bitcoin Makes People Do Crazy Shiz!

You’re about to find out what Bitcoin is making people do!

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It’s true, when someone is high as f*ck they end up doing the most craziest and dumbest shit possible. You’ll find them in a bush hiding from a cat or screaming their guts out on random strangers.

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You never know what’s next when you’re on top of the world. You know what we mean?

Apparently, Bitcoin has the same effect on people! Bitcoin has made people do shit which is kind of genius. If you’re all about optimism. However, legally? It’s wrong!

Flying High

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So, what’s the crazy shiz? Hackers hijacked a university’s computer system. But, the question is why?

We don’t know who they are, all we know is that they are some badass hackers who hijacked a computing power of a university to surreptitiously mine some Bitcoin. Things got out of hand real quick and university was left with no choice. They had to shut down their network

Who’s the Unlucky Lady?

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In this case we’ll have to ask where is this unlucky university huh?

The attack was on St. Francis Xavier University located in Nova ScotiaAntigonishCanada. The hackers were pretty smart. We’ll have to hand it to them. They snuck in malicious software in the servers to run their crypto-hijacking operation. 


They Had Been Warned

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It’s not like the technical team was incompetent. Interestingly. the technical teams were quite vigilant and did detect the attack 2 days before. Unfortunately, they were a little naive enough to not take as a serious threat. They were warned! What did they do?

Twists and Turns

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The technical team did do something!

They on purpose disabled their network systems. They did take the warning seriously.

Thank God!

The Attack

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The technical team’s switched off the universities network systems in response to what they had learned at that time. It was a seriously awful attack known at the”cryptocoin” mining.

Good News and Trouble in Paradise

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Everything aside. Not all was lost!

The Canadian university claims no real data or personal information was compromised in anyway as a part of the attack. But, of course it was such a hassle for everyone. That’s just given.

There was trouble in paradise. The WiFi, online courses, email and other features of the university’s network were disable to be safe. All the passwords had to reset as well and getting everything back isn’t as easy as it sounds. What a freaking hassle! Pretty sure all the students would be thanking the hackers. *Sarcasm intended*

We’ve got to hand it to the university for their enthusiasm. They are so sure that services will be back up and running shortly. For everyone’s sake, we really hope that they do.

The W’s of Cryptojacking

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Cryptojacking is amusing!

People are desperate for Bitcoins. After all why wouldn’t they be. In the next couple of years fiat currency will be old school and Bitcoin will be the new deal. Pretty much why cryptojacking is surfacing up more than ever. It’s a new type of hack and it’s no coincidence. It’s all intended.

Cryptojacking is being described by the cybersecurity firm Norton as the unauthorized use of tablet, computer, mobile phone or any other connected home devices by cybercriminals who want to mine some crypto.

We’re thinking cryptojacking is never going to stop! What do you think?

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