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Bitcoin Is Sound Honest Money, Not To Be Manipulated In Any Way Explains Dr. Craig S Wright

Dr. Craig Wright, the economist and investor strikes the negative agents and the crypto haters with his latest statement that cryptos are legitimate “sound, honest money” which is not to be manipulated for false use. The systems are plagued with scammers and fraudulent elements who are seeking chances to strike when the guard is down for the cryptos. Though bitcoin has seriously strict protocols for the security as the blockchain actively guards the transactions, there still lie some loopholes which will be mended with time but are open to be breached. This is the way giving way to the people, the likes of drug dealers and even contract killers to deal in crypto for the projects they have been assigned to. This hurts the credibility of the cryptos in eyes of the official regulating authorities resulting in the crypto reforms being turned down for good. BlockPublisher garnered some comments from the man himself over his recent remarks to protect cryptos with all his might.

There is a misconception about bitcoin that it is a hub for drug dealers, bucket shopping and money laundering purposes which it sure is not by any means. Bitcoins is a legitimate money which must be treated that way.

Dr. Craig previously set his goals to defend bitcoin and protect from all the outside elements that seek to infiltrate the crypto system and add a bad name with the cryptos in order result in devaluation. The consistent scamming and the hacking attacks over the crypto frameworks not only let the current users down but also adds fuel to fire for the cryptos as it will cause a great hindrance in attaining the next goal over the crypto roadmap, crypto mass adoption.

Bitcoin and similar projects share some dark history together as previously, before being out in the open, it was the way for the dark people to make transactions while hiding their intents from the investigating authorities indulging in the white collar crime. This has led to a fallacy that bitcoin still shares the roots with other siblings and is a project where the dark people come to deal.

Dr. Craig S Wright understands that this is the greatest hurdle that has kept cryptos in the dark in eyes of the incumbent authorities. Though this will be dealt with in due time but to take the initiative is all what bitcoin needs for the time being. People need to understand that cryptos are here to help and solve various financial dealing problems in a quick moment.

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