Bitcoin Is Better Than The Rest

Bitcoin is special than other shitcoins!

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It’s important to understand and comprehend the reliability and dominance of Bitcoin over other shitcoins.

Anonymity Of The Bitcoin Developer Is The Key To Its Acceptance

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Bitcoin, having the main movers advantage has an undeniable influence in the crypto-network. Reasons, such as bearish trend and bullish momentum of Bitcoin is inevitably followed by other Altcoins. However, there are a few exceptions. Any type of Uncertainty, Doubt or Fear influences the world’s first ever crypto.

Also, due to the ripple effect, various other crypto’s associated with Bitcoin, respectively fluctuate. The free-spirited Blockchain offered by Bitcoin is very valuable to the customers who are fixated on privacy and anonymity. Truth be told, Bitcoin is the only crypto whose developer is not known.

Crypto Is Equivalent To Bitcoin

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If you look at stats, 80% of the merchants accepting crypto accept Bitcoin. The fame of Bitcoin is so well deep-rooted in the minds of the people that there have been times when “Bitcoin” is considered to be pseudonymous with cryptocurrency.

There is a reason the merchants have started to accept Bitcoin payments, it’s the crypto mostly used by the people. It’s preferred more by the people you can say! There are dozen merchant stores accepting Bitcoin, on the other hand, Altcoins not so much. It’s evident, isn’t it? Everyone out there has been exposed to the crpyo-space through the popularity of Bitcoin.

Shitcoins Don’t Attract Development. Only Bitcoin Does!

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Major Research and Development has taken place in the name of Bitcoin and then sometimes expanded to other Altcoins. Don’t you think it’s enough reason to believe in the reliability of Bitcoin? Even though the Bitcoin Network has been experiencing scalability issues, it’s being taken care of by the sidechain solution. However, the scalability issue has never affected the popularity of Bitcoin in a negative way. EVER! It’s ever so popular!

The Mastermind Behind Bitcoin Is Anonymous For A Reason

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The Bitcoin developer who called himself or her (we don’t even know the gender to be honest) Satoshi Nakamoto chose to be anonymous since the beginning of Bitcoin. It’s been 10 years and we still don’t know the identity of the mastermind behind Bitcoin. The identity has still not been revealed which is exactly why the users of Bitcoin in the back of their heads feel secure about their funds on the network. Other Altcoins have owners and any speculative activity by them have the potential to affect the prices.

Other Coins Are Not Made For Global Purposes

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There are other coins (let’s not name them) are known for having an undirected focus towards becoming a global cryptocurrency. Let’s straighten things out!

These cryptos are not aiming to become a global currency for real, they have futile and short-term purposes in reality. Utility tokens is another name for these type of cryptocurrencies which will obviously not gain global acceptance in the long run. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is known as a global cryptocurrency by everyone in the world.

Don’t you have enough reasons to believe Bitcoin is better than the rest?

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