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Bitcoin Has The Potential To Fix The Broken Financial System, Says Founder MovoCash

Levels of belief and encouragement for the cryptocurrency space do not come higher than if somebody believes in its capabilities to solve the global financial problems. Bitcoin to its testament, is widely accepted by finance experts and c-level executives as a solution to the broken financial structure the world has come to develop.

MovoCash, a mobile based payment company based in California is excessively anticipating the prospects of BTC as world finance moves closer to a second recession period. Its CEO and founder, Eric Solis talked about his belief that Bitcoin is the answer to the broken financial structure that seems beyond repair in conversation with BlockPublisher. He shared:

I believe Bitcoin can offer a greater value if used as a payment system that eliminates fraud through a push technology. Believe me when I tell you that the entire pull financial system is broken beyond repair, and
Bitcoin has the potential to solve this problem.

The greater crypto market was driven by Bitcoin in 2017 when price skyrocketed to $20,000. Since then, it has been plummeting rather consistently and now moves into a second year of the bear market. But this has not deterred belief among crypto proponents as they seek the positives out of a stale market. Pointing out to these positives, Solis stated that the space has become much more refined as a result of the price dips and it continues to push out those who wanted short-term successes. Brilliantly relating it to refinement of gold in burning fire, he said:

Last year’s crypto plunges, specifically Bitcoin, has given more reasons to believe in cryptocurrency more now than when the value was going up. I view the decline as the equivalent of putting gold into refining fire to burn out the impurities, and this shakeout is accomplishing that, and showing the need for regulation.

As demand for regulations increase drastically, it is probably the only big push needed by Bitcoin to drive the cryptocurrency space as a globally adopted form of finance. To that note, the MovoCash CEO agreed and predicted:

Once jurisdictions around the globe define how Bitcoin will work within respective borders, then it will find equilibrium as a global currency.

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