Bitcoin Gave 144,912% Returns in 7 Years – Outperformed Every Asset

Starting off at returning 4%, the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency has given as much as 144,912% returns for people who had bought it seven years ago.

Since its inception, bitcoin has attracted the attention of investors and it’s continuing to do so till date. Although there are several analysts studying and exploring the price of bitcoin, utilizing several technical indicators and financial tools to predetermine the course of bitcoin, buying bitcoin at any time has proven to be profitable. That’s why, irrespective of the crypto market, investors only regret now for not buying more bitcoin in the past.

In 7 Years Bitcoin’s Growth Outperformed Every Other Asset

The cravings of investors are bound to increase due to the performance of bitcoin that has improved substantially year after year for the last seven years.

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Even Volatility Didn’t Affect Bitcoin Returns

The growth of bitcoin even after passing all-time high is so remarkable that once again there’s a strong compelling reason for buyers to buy as much bitcoin as possible or face remorse and self-condemnation afterward. In simple words, the aforementioned period of three months when bitcoin was at its peak, if users had bought bitcoin and continued the practice of investing $10 daily since December 2017, he would have been up by almost 50%. This shows that even investing in bitcoin during and after bitcoin has reached its highest price is profitable for investors. Despite Its boom/bust Nature, bitcoin’s next spike is expected to be higher than 2017.

Bitcoin is often argued to be extremely volatile and trapped in a crypto bubble. Often compared with the dot com bubble, 2017 price surge followed by a crash is considered as bitcoin crypto bubble. Now, the stats prove that even with extreme volatility, bitcoin is harmless as an investment. The only thing one needs to do so is to trust bitcoin and believe in its prospective future to ensure that only profits and gains are made from the largest cryptocurrency by volume.

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Bitcoin Supply is Not Unlimited

Often aiding bitcoin to mark its superiority over fiat is the fact that only 21 million bitcoin will be ever created. This trait ensures that unlike fiat that is created out of thin air and can be printed as much as needed, bitcoin is not destructed by the hands of inflation. Every four year since its inception, the number of bitcoins created is halved. Until now, about 17 million bitcoins have been created so investors must grab their shares before newly created bitcoins become unavailable and only bitcoins in circulation are investors’ last hope.

Only 636,813 more bitcoin will be mined before the next halvening.

Think that leaves plenty for you?

Think again.@CashApp is buying 10% of it.@GrayscaleInvest is buying 21% of it.

— Rhythm (@Rhythmtrader) June 3, 2019

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Bitcoin Price to Rise in the Future

Bitcoin bull run was thought to be finished but after its price surpassed $8,200 mark for a very small interval, the sentiments changed. Now, $10,000 is the next suggested spot for BTC, it is also predicted that 2020 will be bitcoin (BTC) golden year. Thomas Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, has stated that bitcoin after attaining $10,000 mark will blast off to $40,000. Besides Lee, an analyst, Oliver Isaacs is also bullish about bitcoin future. He predicted the price to rise as high as $25,000 by the end of the year. This serves as another reason for investors to pocket as much bitcoin as possible when they actually can.

Last bull market, bitcoin beat everyone’s expectations:

$8000 – $10000: 11 days
$10000 – $12000: 7 days
$12000 – $14000: 1 day
$14000 – $16000: 1 day
$16000 – $18000: 8 days

Now consider the fundamentals today vs 2017.

I’ve never been more bullish.

— Rhythm (@Rhythmtrader) June 1, 2019

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