Bitcoin Gambling Vs. The Sin City

Gambling has never been better, Gambling games have never been better.

What is there to complain about after all, you actually get paid, so this is about real digital money, you can save on bank and taxation fees, you can play from the safe ambit of your bedrooms, you can win more due to absent house manipulation!

The fact that Bitcoin games generally have incredibly low house edges is a massive reason behind their popularity. This plus the taxation thing allows people to make more in the online bit casinos than they do in Vegas or the Atlantic city.

In fact, some Bitcoin games can have a house edge of less than 0.5%, this obviously too low and something that no player will find at a regular online casino site. It gets worse in the physical world. Much worse in fact.

Whence compared this low house edge to a game of American roulette at a standard casino, the house edge at the game will be over 5%, giving players a much lower chance of ever making a profit when they play. I mean isn’t that given, the house makes more because look at their shiny golds and metals in the interiors, their lush carpets and the kind of waitresses and bar tenders they hire. That all require a lot of dough, the kind that means meddling with the players, giving them distractions, playing with their minds, keeping them in the casino until dawn or until they are too drunk to think straight, until they run out of money and also run out of their contingency funds.

Of course, elements of luck still play a huge part in the gaming process though and even in the Bitcoin world there’s no such thing as a game with guaranteed profits. It would not be called a gamble otherwise, right. Where is the rush in an all wining game after all!

Your phone or device like your own laptop help you keep the control over the situation, gotta leave the casino while you are still winning right. You should be the boss of that!

There are many reasons why house edges are lower in Bitcoin games, however one of the biggest is the fact that Bitcoin casinos are highly automated places.

The costs are low, they do not require large and super highly paid staff that wears tuxedos and french maid costumes, the casinos do not need to offer on the house drinks unlike the physical ones that love getting us drunk!

This lack of a human side reduces the cost associated with staff, and the casino can then pass these savings on to their players. Blockchain betting further reduces the requirement for staff members at the casino, and the casino can once again pass on these savings on human resources over to you, the Bitcoin gambler. The blockchain bit also allows the games to be fair and the functions are clear as day, accessible and readable by all willing to read!

More power to you! We love Bitcoin!

Khunsha Javed

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