Bitcoin Devs’ Team Evaluating Security and Scaling Enhancements

The “Bitcoin Improvement Proposals” (BIPs) are currently being reviewed by 200 developers with an aim to upgrade Bitcoin with enhanced privacy and scalability. The main plan is to get the changes reviewed by as many developers as possible to evaluate the BIPs and assure that the ideas are safe.
Sharing his thoughts, Anthony Towns (Xapo bitcoin core contributor), the pioneer said:

This is a way to make sure more people understand the proposal as early as possible.”

The new plan of calling a review group for an experiment has never been executed before and the organizers are not quite sure about its result. The pioneer, Anthony Towns, however, pointed to John Newbery’s (Chaincode developer) weekly Bitcoin review group and claimed that they are a model for roping developers into the review process.

For reviewing, BIPs are always available publicly to everyone. Although not all are familiar with the process, there are plenty of avenues for offering feedback. In the worst case, a glitch or a security vulnerability can be addressed in feedback.

As per Towns, the process involves three steps: identifying the need for a change, writing the code that implements the change and thirdly adoption of the new code using Bitcoin. For improving Bitcoin, the study group is part of the first stage. Over the last decade, several BIPs have been included in the bitcoin code.
For a few years, developers have discussed and debated the addition of Schnorr to Bitcoin. No major problems have been found so far and it seems Schnorr and Taproot look like a shoo-in.
More than four hours a week are being utilized by the participants over the next two months to thoroughly examine the proposals and discuss them in small groups. Series of Q&As are being held with the experts of Bitcoin.

A chat group named Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has been made over the internet. Developers discuss the changes in Bitcoin in the chat. IRC is completely open to the Bitcoin community and any bitcoin is invited to join these chat groups. They can read the transcripts, learn about Bitcoin and contribute new ideas as per their liking.

A discussion over IRC centred that involved getting to change Taproot to the next level. Towns shares:

A few of us were chatting on IRC about the Taproot proposal and how to move on from the current draft BIPs to the next steps, and how we would even know when people were comfortable enough with the BIPs that it was time to do that. A couple of hours later we had a shared doc with a rough draft of what that might look like, and it ballooned from there.

The Bitcoin development process appears to be flexible as highlighted by the two-month program. An initiative can be taken by anyone who has a fair knowledge of the current processes.


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