Bitcoin Could Crash in 2018? It’s a Complicated Scenario!

The end of the year is just around the corner and as we step into the unknown future of Bitcoin. There is no way in hell we could know what the future holds. Unless you can time travel. Until someone figures that out. All we are left with are predictions.

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A Heaven and Hell Situation

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This year it was a new hell for Bitcoin lovers. Bitcoin had officially touched the lowest level in the beginning of summer, since November 2017. It means only one thing. All those massive and exciting gains from December and January went down the spiral.

Crash or No Crash?

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You can stay in denial, or face the facts and the facts do speak for themselves!

The price performance of Bitcoin hasn’t been fun to watch. We will not sugarcoat it for you. We can without any doubts call it a relative crash already. 60% of BTC’s value was lost in the beginning of the year. Kind of unexpected. We’ll agree there. Keeping in mind how the crypto-world has done a pretty decent job to get on the high road. The volatility to some extent is fading out for good!

The government and regulators have finally recognized the potential of the market. They want a crypto-slice too! They are desperately looking for ways to get things under control. That just means one thing, Bitcoin is going to be mainstream more than. The chances of sudden highs and lows will be no more! We all definitely prefer the highs. *wink wink*

The Huge Butt

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There are still a lot of chances Bitcoin might go even lower than ever this year. We can we are experiencing Bitcoins crash.But, if your’e expecting that Bitcoin will completely collapse by the end of the year. Don’t worry about that, you’re safe.  Bitcoin can never ever go to a zero for the next couple of years.

The Impossible

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It’s just completely impossible for the Bitcoin to disappear from the face of the Earth. It all exists on the internet and as far as we know? The internet is forever!

The transactions are recorded on the blockchain and the blockchain technology is famous for it’s immutability. Everything on it can’t just go away just like that because it can’t be destroyed in any ways, at least that’s whats the theory behind it.

The Demand Game

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As long as Bitcoin exist. The demand for it will always be there. Crypto-lovers will keep coming back to it for more and more!

If someone puts up the argument about how fiat currencies vanish because of hyperinflation. You gotta stat the fact. Bitcoin isn’t a currency that can be printed out of thin air. The maximum supply limit exists for a freaking reason.

20% Bitcoin Lost Anyway

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According to some studies, 20% of the Bitcoin is lost forever anyway. Early miners had no idea that Bitcoin will be the next big thing of today. They lost their private keys or some of them just threw away their hard disks. Pretty sure, they’ll be drowning in regret everyday! Their loss!

We have the limited supply at one hand, on the other hand we have huge funds being invested in Bitcoin. There are now massively impressive mining facilities like CBOE and CME which are offering a promising future for the Bitcoin officials, presidents and traders.

Will Bitcoin Crash in 2018?

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There is a huge network of people relying on Bitcoin. It’s just impossible for Bitcoin to hit zero. It’s as simple as that!

Bitcoin will come back stronger and we’re hoping the predictions are true about Bitcoin coming back stronger than ever and will finish 2018 on a bullish trend. *Fingers crossed*

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