Bitcoin Co-Creator and His New GUN

GUN - a way to combat web-giants

Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi, the co-creator of bitcoin is a tech maniac and after being away and out of the technology scene for quite long, Malmi is making a sure shot comeback. With pursuing his ever long dream of decentralizing the web.

Security regulators, ‘big brother’ surveillance and monitoring ruin the fun as a human’s complete freedom is compromised, calling out loud for a decentralized internet, not only for home users and hackers and other important people but also for passionate internet enthusiasts. This has led to a heavy push for a decentralized internet for everyone.

Malmi has created ties with a highly acclaimed decentralized database called GUN. His brainchild and hand crafted Identifi will form a tightly bonded record keeping storage space and memory machine that’ll be free of Bots, spywares and malware free data; no government or Intel operations happening at the back end, highly user friendly and almost free.

This will change the way we see internet. The way transactions both – social and economic happen between people will transcend. While speed and low costs is what makes bitcoin great, the decentralized and easily accessible large reserve is going to be a revolution in the industry. This will affect all crypto currencies and IPO’s, making everything seamless and connecting people in a much more organised way than that of any database or exchange.

He started Identifi, with a decentralized architecture that was not based around crypto at first back in 2014. It translates to several man years in crypto in context of developments and breakthroughs. Some of the most characterizing moves of bitcoin in terms of technological advancements have come from this genius.

Malmi is of the view that bitcoin has already gone from zero to one, so to say. The cryptocurrency is already up and running with a growing community and has lots of great developers working on it.

He took his time developing Identifi and made sure the new decentralized web allows people to not only create their own knowledge systems but also make use of the current ones in a personalized way as to eliminate all barriers of entry or exit in the web market. The long shot was made possible by the integration of Identifi with GUN. This formed the project now known as ERA. GUN, secured a $1.5 million round led by Draper Associates earlier this year, and has already built a decentralized Reddit and YouTube.

ERA CEO Mark Nadal (also the CEO of GUN) said recently in a statement:

Martti and I were discussing how governments can still blacklist bitcoin miners’ IP addresses. Telecom companies, Google, Amazon or others can throttle or reroute our traffic without net neutrality,

This will take on new levels of barrier busting in terms of traditional possibilities and impossibilities. He invested money and brain into a lesser thought subject, in a very non-consequential idea that web giants like Facebook and Google can do what they want. But his insight and added expertise in the privacy and public access matters led him to a eureka moment in tech history.

From that eureka moment on wards, he dedicated all of his work on to reducing the control web companies like Google and Facebook have. By breaking the cartel like oligopolies that keep combining more and more companies in their army to become one and the only sustained network of idea harboring and supplying content and ideologies. The dream was big and unless the project could be sustained through profits made on transactions and being ‘useful’ to big or even small companies, Identifi could not have touched such horizons in the coming future. He thought of a coin token that could incentivize its use.

“Most of the giant online businesses, such as Google, Facebook, eBay or Airbnb are basically centralized indexes – searchable lists of stuff. If we want to disrupt them, we need decentralized indexing.”

ERA needs people from around the world running the database systems – which is where the new crypto token helps them.

Older blockchain storage projects like Filecoin and Storj, ERA with AXE is supposed to incentivize users on the network to store data that has given ERA a handy kick-start. Gun may not be as big as the companies it is in battle with, but it has foreseen a mushroom growth that has given its spirits all the punch that it needed.

“Blockchain technology is over-hyped and pushed for applications where it is not useful,” he said. “If you don’t need a distributed ledger with no trusted parties, you don’t need a blockchain.” It has defeated blockchain by embracing blockchains biggest flaw, to advantage the public access. GUN is clearly the next big thing in the crypto world.

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