Bitcoin: Checkmate Authoritarianism!

The humans started as hunters and gatherers. People would move places to hunt and survive. We were social animals that organized ourselves into family units, clans, and tribes. We relatively led peaceful lives where death only occurred due to childbirth, infant mortality, starvation, exposure or accident. Warfare was not common.

Agriculture: The Beginning of Violence

It went downhill after the advent of agriculture. People became more fixed in place and food availability became more predictable. Food surpluses led to people developing other interests. They moved on to arts, science, and the written word as no people had a stable source of food. Population increased and so did the violence.

The tribes became states became nations became empires. Power was unevenly distributed amongst the ruling class, peasant, and slaves. The authoritarian rule came into power.

Education Made Common Man Woke

Feudalism gradually declined as a common man became more educated and woke. From Renaissance, we were roped into enlightenment and inward peace grew. This age inspired ideas that are still intact today. We learned democratic ideals as the balance became more equal between the ruling class and the people.

Nations were not overcome by greed and became more focused on internal affairs. Slavery ended, minorities enjoyed rights and participation, nations became more interdependent.

Technology: The Age of Peace

And, now as we have entered this digital age, we have become more peaceful. We haven’t managed to do any more global scale wars despite people coming up with lewd and absurd theories how a possibility of World War 3 is very much alive.

So was technology the reason why we became less violent? Well, that’s a bit of stretch because there were other factors such as education, civil rights, female empowerment, democracy, free expression, stratified governance, ability to freely associate and travel, economic and verbal freedom.

Internet to Internet Money

Internet was the first eyeopening thing long after enlightenment. It brought a complete shift in the entire society which gave birth to a whole new culture; the global culture. The boundaries existed on maps and places but not on the internet. The gaps were bridged and we became a giant family, always connected.

We were brought together by disasters and cultures. Even the most isolated areas became familiar with the rest of the world. The state could no longer feed us their agendas as truth was one google search away.

And now the next evolution came in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Just like the internet, no one owned the mechanism of the infrastructure. No government, religious institution or corporate ownership governs this entity. They have influence but are not able to exert monopoly as they have with national currencies and economic system.

The Internet allowed anyone to become a journalist or publisher. Pre-2009 everyone became a merchant, thanks to e-commerce. And now, post-2009 we are our own banks due to cryptocurrencies!

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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