Bitcoin Casino Not Provably Fair, Reject it!

Gambling can be fun when you win a sh*t load of money!

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Trust Issues

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The day online gambling began all hell break loose! But, it comes with a number of challenges and opportunities for the casinos, operators and the players. If you’re someone who’s into gambling then your number one concern would be regarding the fairness of the games and the trustworthiness of payment gateways.

Sure, gambling can be fun and the feeling you get when you hit the jackpot is unexplainable! But, whats more important is knowing when to stop for good!

Bitcoin Casinos On Fire

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Bitcoin casinos has raised the bar very high for the gaming industry!

The rise of Bitcoin casinos only began a few years ago. But, the technology used in these games has been the works of several decades. Developers haven’t stopped developing new algorithms to test the fairness of the games. We are definitely seeing new ways and opportunities that not only benefit the new casino businesses, but also attract new players from all over the world.

Early Origins

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Similar to other video games the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology is used for Bitcoin gambling. The RNG technology has played a huge role in preventing the predictability of how games function and it is also ensured that the game is not rigged on either side.

From table games to card games, all rely on the RNG technology to ensure fairness. But, the players don’t always have their complete faith in algorithms and often suspect that the games are rigged. Players just want a way to check for themselves if a game is fair or not. It’s understandable! History speaks for itself, there have been times in the past where games are rigged.

A few years there was no way in hell a player could know how fair a particular games. Pretty much why, so many casinos have been reported to run rigged games.

All Hope Isn’t Lost!

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In recent years, we have eventually a lot of progress in provably fair algorithms. These take the verification of fairness to a completely new level.

If you’re looking for Bitcoin casino games it’s important to look at the term “provably fair” for your own sanity and satisfaction. Designing a provably fair isn’t easy and actually quite complex. The definitions of fairness (the exact percentage of the chance of winning) also varies. Although there are some general principles to understand how provably fair algorithm works generally.

How Does Provability Fair Algorithms Work?

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First of all, a random generator is used to come up with the result. But, wait a second! How is it different then? It’s not any random generator. To make it fair and trustworthy, the generator is basically certified by an independent organization.

When the random number is finally generated, it is then “hashed” with a secret number which is created by the algorithm as well. Hash functions are often used in data and hash codes are used beyond online gaming, its used by other industries as a part of their daily operations. Hashing over here is basically used in conjunction with cryptography, DNA and in all sorts of fields that employ the use of data.

Interesting fact: Hashing has been around since the 1950s!

After the random number and the secret number have been hashed. The result is referred as the “fingerprint” because it’s unique like a humans fingerprint. All fingerprints are created only once and there can never be the same fingerprint. To smooth things a bit more, players can also select a “seed.” It’s basically any number between 0-9. All of this happens in a blink of an eye!

Within a matter of seconds, whoever wins or loses is in front of the player.

The Fair Future

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Provability fair Bitcoin casinos are your best bet literally! When money is on the line the stakes are high which is why it’s essential to choose the right one.

Are you ready for the fun to begin then?

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