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Bitcoin Cannot Stop Governments But Can Strengthen Them For Sure Explains Dr. Craig S. Wright

The man who forked out the bitcoin SV, Dr. Craig S. Wright explains that the rebellious factor, the incumbent destruction, rule of the masses and the democratic aura have been long lost out of bitcoin and all that leaves is a firm structure that can instead strengthen the government framework. Bitcoin has always been viewed as the mutineer that it certainly is not as we speak but it did emerge out of the settled dust that the mutineers spread. Dr. Craig S. Wright states that we must see bitcoin for what it really is and what it is today, is excellent means to eradicate corruption out of the governments. The brilliant checks in the blockchain without leaking data to third parties can decrease the possibilities of corruption to a minimum. BlockPublisher got to extract some remarks from the man himself over the matter under discussion.

Bitcoin has the potential to make governments firm instead of toppling them down to the ground. It is vividly clear that bitcoin can make governments more efficient and accountable for their actions in a positive fashion.

Dr. Craig S. Wright has turned out to be quite a notorious personality amongst his crypto peers and the entire crypto world. He is one of the four personalities to have forked the bitcoin cash into the progenies, out of which bitcoin SV is the one Dr. Craig hails. This fork of bitcoin cash is supposed to stick to the vision by Satoshi Nakamoto keeping the norms and values intact. Though this has backfired towards Dr. Craig big time as the crypto analysts and enthusiasts have branded Dr. Craig as the bootleg Satoshi and an imposter.

But the fact that bitcoin enthusiasts still think of the crypto to have the power to decimate the current rule of the governments is outrageous as today we must not resort towards destruction rather towards construction and that does make sense as per Dr. Craig’s statement. Bitcoin has all the tools to pick out the bad fish and deal with them accordingly and instead of just invoking financial reforms we can revolutionize the entire world with bitcoin as inspiration. The blockchain technology provides us with the best framework that can render major changes to our system ripping off power from one entity and spreading it all over. Though there are some confidential structures that are supposed to be kept that way but the application can be moulded to our will and we know what to turn to if any situation arises, the flawless system of blockchain.

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