One Solution to Stabilize Troubled Economies: Bitcoin

The two most chief goals of any nation’s government are to enhance cultural growth and bring economic status to stable grounds. However, concerning financial and economic stability, several countries have been struggling for decades now. With a massive surge of corruption, rising inflation leading up to low economic values of their country’s currencies resulted in housing criminal hubs.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a clean enough reputation to bear economic issues as such. It is this reason why bitcoins have been warmly welcomed in economically troubled countries. It recently has been found that several states have been benefitting from bitcoin to boost their economies and make huge breakthroughs.

What countries might these be?


At a time, Venezuela’s fiat currency experienced extreme inflation resulted in severe poverty among the whole nation. The only possible solution to stabilize the situation was to convert their currency to USD. But the popularity and demand for USD created gaps in its supply.

It is when Bitcoin was embraced that the economic turmoil deflated to an extent. Countries like Venezuela that depend upon oil, minor ups, and downs in the economy results in huge damages.

However, Bitcoin’s transparent nature stabilizes the market. Locals are making use of Bitcoin from daily domestic purchases to making large business transactions. Bitcoin-the savior is aiding Venezuela to get back on its feet.


Argentina’s market has always been an unstable one with highly varying currency rates and towering inflation. However, despite the history of economic policy mishandling, Argentina was brought up to its feet during the digital outburst. It is when the nation sowed implicit currencies like bitcoin into its economy.

A certain amount of governmental policies in Argentina have found to be wealth draining for the civilians, for example, imposing a 35% tax on foreign credit card transactions.

Fortunately, this situation is now under control to an extent. Thanks to Bitcoin, which allows civilians to carry out foreign transactions at a rate of 2 to 4% tax. With Bitcoin, people have also been converting their not-so-stable into USD and Euros, which are more reliable.

Bitcoin has successfully affected the tourism industry, the retail market, and the overall economy. Thus it is safe to say Bitcoin has been a real hero to Argentina’s troubled economy.

Bitcoin is a superpower to troubled economies. It is designed to provide the security of your transaction to the standards of fiat currency but at much more acceptable levels. It is making digital payments accessible (free of cost) to areas and people who do not have PayPal or a working credit and digital system. It is Bitcoin’s government independence, which contributes to its stability, unlike the traditional currencies.


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