Bitcoin Can Be Used to Buy Duty-Free at Brisbane Airport

Earlier this year, Brisbane Airport announced a partnership that will see it allow its customers to use digital currencies as payments at all the retail shops in the airports. The move was finally made possible yesterday.

This latest development is as a result of the partnership between Brisbane Airport and TravelByBit, which is an Australian startup that is working on developing payment platforms that will help travelers pay for trips using Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

With this latest development, Bitcoin would be used in the 30 retail stores in the airport, with other cryptocurrencies also to be used for payment of goods and services. The co-founder of TravelbyBit and its current CEO, Caleb Yeoh, while commenting on this latest development stated that this is just the start for the company.

He added;

We did a test for two weeks and we launched it last week. We’re gradually rolling it out. More are coming, we just need time to train up the staff.

The announcement brought about excitement in the cryptocurrency world, with the official Twitter account of NEM, tweeting that its currency XEM has been listed as one of the coins to be accepted at Jason Lee at Forte Cafe in Brisbane Airport.

While explaining their company objective, Yeoh revealed that the payment systems they designed are easy to use and most importantly, it fosters trust between the retailers and their customers. He added that;

We’re just trying to build a real-world use case for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is perfect for travel, there’s no exchange rate issues or risk of credit card fraud.

The Bitcoin price like the general cryptocurrency market has dipped since achieving its all-time high in December 2017, having lost over 60% of its peak value. The market has recovered a bit this weekend with the Bitcoin price trading around the $7,700 region.

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