“Bitcoin (BTC) will Neither Be The ‘My Space’ Of Cryptos Nor Be The ‘Only One’ Of Its Sort”: Partner For Placeholder, Chris Burniske

The co-author for ‘Cryptoassets’ and partner for Placeholder, Chris Burniske describes the two mindsets that are nothing but delusions piling up in the minds of the people. Chris elaborates over these fallacies about cryptos and bitcoin. People believe that the tenure for bitcoin being at the top of the crypto pile, being the juggernaut will eventually be over, giving form to newer ventures like this which will likely stick for the next tenure. This supposed passing of the torch process is just a mere delusional though as Burniske states which does not have a sound basis at all. This has been termed as the technology mindset by the co-author of Cryptoassests which is the most narrow minded school of thought anyone can harbour about technologies moving forward. There is another plethora of thoughts which feature considering that the only solution and the legitimate heir to the throne of ‘The Global Currency’, is bitcoin. These people disregard other ventures even though the feature might add real value to the crypto market and will bear potential to serve the users in an actual manner. This, Chris brands as the money mindset featuring following the money trail, considering the seemingly giant entity the end of the line without putting focus over the emerging ones. Chris compiled his entire statement as BlockPublisher garnered some remarks from him over the very topic inclusive of his two mindset explanation.

There are two extremities of people, one of which states that the bitcoin will turn out to be the My Space of cryptos, constituting the technology mindset, and the other which takes bitcoin as the sole solution to every monetary crisis think from a money mindset. In between these two bounds, lies the actual solution, the midway solution.

The entire situation has been established in order to create an aura of things going forward as bearing each one of the above mindsets can take the crypto market back big time. The co-founder and partner for Improve-in, Diego H. Gurpegui, attempts describing the two sentiments in his own words.

Analogies are very helpful to understand things that are completely new. However, it’s important to know to which aspects the analogy applies, and to which it doesn’t. And also, past success/failure doesn’t guarantee future success/failure.

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