Bitcoin (BTC) This Week, from Journey to ETF

Founder and CIO of Tapestry Capital Predicts Journey of Bitcoin (BTC)

Evan Feng is the founder and CIO at Tapestry Capital. He was enquired about the upcoming journey of bitcoin (BTC) that if bitcoin (BTC) would be replacing the fiat or not. He elaborated the possibilities of the future by stating that it will be considered as a reserve currency for smaller countries but it won’t be a threat to USD. He further added that bitcoin (BTC) would be possessing some features that store of value assets have.

Bitcoin (BTC) is Substantially Better than the Banking System

Ran Nue-Ner is the founder on Onchain Capital. He is also the host of CRYPTOTRADER and a very well-known personality in the crypto world. He regarded the banking system as ‘menial work’ and compared it with the crypto. He stated that cryptos would need to change the minds of bankers to outclass the banking system. He explained that people need 10 times better alternative if they have to switch from one thing to another. For switching the banking system, he proposed bitcoin (BTC) as an alternative as it is already 10 times better than banks.

CEO of CoolBitX Views Bitcoin (BTC) as a Hot Investment

Michael Ou is the CEO of CoolBitX which is a blockchain security company. While sharing his views, he said that he doesn’t see bitcoin (BTC) becoming a reserve currency or replacing fiat. Instead, he proposed that bitcoin (BTC) would become a hot investment in the future. Apart from this, he considers bitcoin (BTC) to fall in a unique category i.e virtual asset. He believes that with regulation, bitcoin (BTC) could evolve into a healthy type of financial product.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the best Warrior Against Centralization

Crypto analyst, Jimmy Song shared his thoughts on bitcoin (BTC). He suggested that the king of cryptocurrencies was very unique in the aspect that it is purely decentralized. He stated that there were many other cryptocurrencies who claim to possess features similar to bitcoin (BTC) but, in reality, it is only the bitcoin (BTC) who is capable of dealing and fighting with the ‘rent seeking ruling class’.

Different Sentiments for the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF

Bitcoin (BTC) ETF is a very influential matter for crypto investors and enthusiasts. Gordon Chen, the founder of Neutral, regards it as a notable landmark for crypto but he thinks that as bitcoin (BTC) is easily acquired, ETF will just open another door that leads to access of bitcoin (BTC). On the other hand, Stacy Herbert, CEO of Heisenberg Capital Limited, was of the view that BTC ETF is unlikely to be approved but in case if it does get approval, it will result in bitcoin (BTC) prices to jump.


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