‘Bitcoin (BTC) Is of the Internet’- Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Bitcoin (BTC), despite its fluctuating nature, still has a significant amount of supporters, because obviously a community that big doesn’t just aborts ships when things get tough. And on the list of supporters you’ll find the Co-founder and CEO of one of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

However Dorsey can be classified as a different breed of Bitcoin supporters. Because while the Bitcoin community at large believes that the currency is the future of money in general, Dorsey believes that Bitcoin will be the native currency of the Internet.

Recently in an interview, with American comedian and podcast host, Joe Regan, Dorsey, yet again declared that he believed Bitcoin to be of the Internet.

[Bitcoin] was something that was born on the Internet, that was developed on the Internet, that was tested on the internet…It is of the internet.

 He commented during the interview.

This isn’t the first time around that he voiced this opinion of his, in fact the Twitter CEO made similar claims before, back in May last year. When he spoke rather fondly of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin according to Bloomberg.

The Internet deserves a native currency; it will have a native currency. I don’t know if it’ll be Bitcoin or not, but I hope it will be.

Dorsey’s fondness for cryptos isn’t much of a surprise, considering that he is also the founder and CEO of a BTC-centric mobile payments company, Square. It basically allows its users to trade in Bitcoin and interestingly enough, it is only limited to Bitcoin. Dorsey has openly denied any plans of adding other cryptos to the platform. But Square seems to be doing pretty well, as it was named Yahoo Finance’s company of the year, in December last year.

During his interview with Regan, Dorsey was also asked if he sees any pushback in regards to Bitcoin, to which he answered by suggesting to “take a look at some of the major banks and their consideration on Bitcoin.”

We’re moving to a world in which anything created exists forever, that there’s no centralized control over who sees what, that these models become completely decentralized and all these barriers that we, that exist today, aren’t as important anymore.

 He said while commenting on the Internet’s future.

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