‘Bitcoin (BTC) is a Socially Scalable Neutral Money, Perfect for Enemies’: Pierre Rochard of Bitcoin Advisory

Pierre Rochard, the person who runs the Bitcoin Advisory, explains the possibilities and the opportunities that bitcoin provides for the users depending upon the path they choose. Rochard states that the behavioural instincts are the sole ownership of a person and that there is always a way to manipulate an otherwise purely running phenomenon. The same goes for bitcoin as it is a ‘socially scalable neutral money, perfect for the enemies’ as bitcoin is a unit which traverses the wealth from one place to another irrelevant of the purpose and the decency of the entire transaction. The enemies can always come upon ways to manipulate the weakest part of the system even though there is a rare chance that a loophole might spring up. Rochard in his replies to the people who claim that he is too biased for bitcoins blind over the fact that bitcoin can turn into a favourable weapon for the enemies into conducting their underhanded tactics and the under the table deals. Although the framework is designed to prevent the frauds and the scams and to prevent the privacy for the participating entities to conduct pure transactions, the purity of the entities is still a matter of concern. BlockPublisher collected Rochard’s remarks over the very discourse as he stated for whom bitcoin is meant to be and how it can be useful even for the enemies.

Bitcoin is for everyone inclusive of the vegans and carnivores alike, for the capitalists and the socialists and for the dictators and the oppressed. Bitcoin ensures that as long as the transaction has been conducted purely, the system is cool with it. As I said previously too, it is a socially scalable neutral money, readily available for anyone to use.

As per Rochard, there are the socialist folks who try their best to keep the regular people away from the influence of bitcoin wanting all of the digital assets for their own use. Similarly the rest of the authority figures trying to help the people banning cryptos are trying to contain the crypto revolution.

socialists want BTC for themselves, even if they want trashy fiatcoins for their people.

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