Bitcoin, Beer, Netflix and Chill with Bae

Not every weekend is a getaway weekend, but every night is a beer night! You can get away anytime you like, with or without bae, because Netflix and Chill has been made easier, wink wink to you. Thankyou, Bitcoin we love you.

Buy Hulu With Bitcoin

Hulu is always amazing, although Netflix is better, but Hulu has The Handmaid’s Tale on it. So well, if this gets your bae going then why not, you can get various gift coupons for the membership, but one of the most famous ways to get access to it through bitcoin or altcoins is bitrefill.

Netflix and Chill with Bae

Netflix shows you all, but more than all it shows a wide selection of cryptocurrency pro shows. Did that hit a spot? Well, let it. Let babe enjoy what you enjoy best, cryptos, tech and the good stuff, you can look into the Explained by Vox’s episode on Cryptos or A whole feature docu on Cryptos while cuddling with bae. It’ll get you somewhere, trust us. ūüėČ

Beer Unlimited

UK-based online beer platform Honest Brew added bitcoin to its list of payment methods a while ago. Bitcoin transactions from the Honest Brew site are processed by the BitPay platform giving people security and ease.

London Distillery Company started taking the digital currency for its gin products. UK Bitcoin holders can now spend their digital currency on a bottle of Dodd’s Gin or a 109 Cask, both distilled by TLDC. So lucky you if you love love love beer, get it on!

These services are doing legit shit, they let people choose a Plan, this depends on your scale of drinking and mood. Then it lets you choos a frequency and select a type of the finest drink ever, this gives you the decision making, great promise value, crypto-ease, all at the door step while you get all steamy to chill with bae, no compromises, no heartbreaking. This is the kind of weekend you need these days! Scrub the weekday pains off.

So when are you doing, what’s the plan Phil?


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