Bitcoin and Ethereum: The Only Financial Freedom Tip You Need

So many people think that having money is the key to happiness, classic wisdom says otherwise. So many hustlers feel that if they combine and save up enough time and money, they can build a life for themselves that can give them happiness. According to the brand literature of Chanel, the best things in life are free, the second best are all very expensive. YouTube self-help gurus will tell you that you can be rich if you save if you earn more every year if you pay off your debts. But, isn’t that all we already know too well and that happens too less.

We can not save because spending money has become so easy. Spending on Starbucks and on Gelatos and on all of the easily available Uber Eats, its really no sweat in burning money off. This means that the ease of Capitalism has us all held by our piggy banks and we are not trying to change this fact a bit. But, relax, you don’t have to topple down capitalism to get richer, to live the life you want to. Small steps can help. One of those is that you make money hard to spend and easy to save.

Sounds brilliant right? It’s not that difficult as your Youtubing and major book club authors will have you believe.

Fiat paper money and bank money is equally liquid, super self-draining and so hard to earn, while earning has a lot to do with our system of the so-called mythical meritocracy, it can be easier to make money value more, by switching our rainy day account that never fills up in the first place, gets emptied for things like beer and vacation emergencies, to a more safer place, where money is safe from you, my friend, you are the culprit.

You should be able to own your money, this is an uncontestable fact. But, sometimes when you are giving in to the power strategies of big giant companies that are shaping your needs and wants nonstop, that’s where you need an intervention authorized by you. While banks and other peeps let you have such control, but they are responsible for the money you spend which outweighs the money you are able to save. For this you can use a diversified risk portfolio for yourself in a somewhat stable currency as a rainy day account, perhaps it’ll give you security and peace of mind without you spending it all over.

Khunsha Javed

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