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Bitcoin Alone Created Several Millionaires

Several people invested heavily in cryptocurrencies while dreaming to become a billionaire overnight however such level of success requires a huge effort as cryptocurrencies are a risky investment and analyzing the trends in the crypto market isn’t easy.

While it is not easy to make it to a millionaire club solely via bitcoin, there are people who showed that it is possible by making timely decisions. However, it is a good practice to understand how bitcoin works before starting to deal with it. Below are listed some who made a fortune out of Bitcoin by playing it smart.

Winklevoss Twins

The famous identical twins who sued Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook a while ago over alleged stealing of their social media idea ended up getting $65 million in cash and $45 million in stock. Afterward, they invested the money in bitcoin only to end up owning 1% of bitcoin which is marvelous.

Charlie Shrem

A college senior and a bitcoin investor back in 2011 withdrew his bitcoins to partner up with Gareth Nelson to create BitInstant. He invested the money he made in bitcoin and when the prices peaked in some years, he traded his bitcoins and invested in the real estate to end up being $45 Million in net worth. As he himself was an investor, Shrem understood the importance of time decided wisely while investing.

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Roger Var

Often known by the label “Bitcoin Jesus”, Roger is one of the early investors of bitcoin who got motivated by a podcast about cryptocurrency. His curiosity made him explore it as much as he could so later he made MemoryDealders.com who were among pioneers in accepting bitcoin.

Jeremy Gardner

Having a net worth of $300 million at just 25, Gardner’s journey of becoming a millionaire began with a friend offering some bucks for his bitcoins in 2013. Realizing its importance, Gardner invested more in bitcoin and created several trends predicting companies of bitcoin such as Augur.

Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent” 

Not everyone could have predicted that the famous rapper is also a bitcoin millionaire. It took him a while to understand that he has a sufficient amount of bitcoins. He was the first to accept bitcoins for an album in 2014 and after a long time, he realized that his 700 Bitcoins are over $6 million.

With having knowledge of some Bitcoin success stories where people made the right decisions at the right time, it is important to note that bitcoin is highly volatile and it can go in the bad direction as well so adhere to extreme care while investing in bitcoin.

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