Bit Car Puts Your Car Dealership At A Shame

BitCar lets you own a share in an exotic car of your choosing.

Asset Sharing, Digital Trust, New Ideas are transforming the industry.

When it comes to assets, the good ones are always too pricey, thanks to the capitalistic world we love them, and thanks to extreme structuralism not all can afford them. The blockchain has been working on freeing various passions from the stronghold of big money giants and making things more and more accessible for all.

Asset sharing is a relatively new concept and it is changing what most people thought of exotic car ownership meant. In offline life it is impossible to fairly share and own a car. Especially the kind of car where money is no object and yet everything. But, through blockchain’s creation of online trust, you and i can own a car, a real asset that does something and also own a corresponding algorithm for representation and a digital collectible card to support the ownership.

BitCar is a blockchain-based platform that does primarily this. It allows for fractional ownership in the best performing asset class of the last decade – collectible exotic cars. And, that, is what has us going nuts over this blockchain venture.

For the first time the mass market will have access to this best performing asset class, which is tradable on BitCar’s live auction peer-to-peer trading platform. Additionally, the live auction platform allows users to eventually trade their way up to full ownership of an exotic, allowing them to have the option to take the exotic for themselves.

Comically enough the BitCar’s asset token is called CAR. It is backed up by the physical, hard-metal exotic cars and pegged to their USD value- acting as a “stable coin”. This provides relative protection in times of crypto volatility. The cars add to the reality of this whole thing making it much more than a crypto and blockchain only digital thing.

They have tried to make it super user friendly, a range of Currencies are accepted:

For example: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Credit Card (via payeer)

The Utility Token can be used at the dealerships.

Multiple users within the BitCar platform. Value may go up depending on it’s demand once traded on exchange. Can be used to purchase from dealerships such as MoonLambos.

The Asset Token represents the fractional ownership of an exotic on the platform.

The cars can be traded peer-to-peer on the platform. E.g. Users can buy LamborghiniMiura#001 tokens and sell their FerrariEnzo#001 with each other on the platform.

BitCar got listed on Binance earlier this season. Like several other amazing Ethereum games and startups, BitCar can be accessed through enabling Metamask on your browser. They have already launched a series of Car Card Designs. These were launched one by one during this year:

  1. Fade
  2. Box
  3. Modern
  4. Slide
  5. Magazine

Fractional Ownership is the new mine! Online Live Auction is the new bidding style. This is truer and fairer than ever because this bidding can not be artificially inflated by driving the price of resources up.

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