Binance Adds BNB/TRX Trading Pair – Justin Sun Delighted

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has today announced that it has added the TRX/BNB trading pair on its network. Trading will open for the pair today at 4:00 AM (UTC) according to Binance. The Binance network announced of the news via Twitter linking to the announcement published on their website. Binance tweeted:

The news was welcomed by Tron foundation CEO Justin Sun, who shared the news on his social media while thanking everyone for their support. Sun re-tweeted Binance’s announcement and then went on to share a graphic for the news himself.

As Sun mentions, this has been the second trading pair including Tron that has been added on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the week. Yesterday, it was announced that the Bittrex exchange had added Tron and Litecoin to USD fiat markets. This put Tron into its first USD market as the move was announced by Bittrex on their Twitter feed.

This comes as big news for Justin Sun and other Tron enthusiasts, as it puts TRX on par with BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, ZCash, ETC and others which can be directly exchanged with the USD via Bittrex platform.

Sun, clearly ecstatic by the news, shared a graphic of the Bittrex network where TRX could be exchanged with the USD. He tweeted on September 17:

However, it is worth noting that the Bittrex USD market is not merely available to everyone. Actually, it can only be accessed for personal and corporate accounts. And if that wasn’t exclusive enough, the ones who benefit from the market are international investors. In the United States, the only ones allowed to participate must live in the following states: Montana, California, and Washington.

Nonetheless, being listed by two U.S. exchange giants is great news for Tron, and will likely mean an increased amount of volume, although time will tell whether this leads to a substantial price increase.

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