Bettergram Says it is Meant to Make Communication in the Cryptocurrency Industry Easier

Bettergram aims to become the topmost communication channel in the nascent world of cryptocurrencies. As of now, communication platforms in the form of Discord and Telegram are largely dominating this arena. But the interfaces provided by these platforms are somewhat complex for the newcomers of the market. Bettergram aims at making the complexities involved with the previously present communication platforms simpler for the sake of ease of usage.

Talking to BlockPublisher, the company stated:

At the heart, Bettergram is meant to make communication in the cryptocurrency industry easier. Telegram is used by all serious investors in the space – it’s like the hub of our universe in addition to twitter. Being part of this community means joining dozens of groups, channels, and networking constantly with individuals all over the world to get accurate information. Because of this, direct messages in the normal telegram client would get buried by busier groups and channels.

The interface that Bettergram is providing is much simpler. The intermingling of different channels has been solved by the platform through the use of multiple tabs. Separate channels can be placed in separate tabs to make the access easier. The feature of tab categories is provided to the user so that navigation to a particular chat can be made easier. Bettergram also provides its users with the ability to pin up to 50 chats. The platform essentially wants to eliminate the possibility of missing out a conversation for the user.

As stated by Bettergram itself:

We’ve added easy filters so you won’t miss direct messages and are able to network much more efficiently.

Besides providing an easy-to-use pipeline, Bettergram also aims at keeping the crypto enthusiasts updated with the prices of their favorite cryptocurrencies. It already provides the facility to track up to 10 cryptocurrencies.

The company is also focusing on making its platform better with each passing day. Developers at Bettergram are working to incorporate facilities like video streaming in the newer mobile versions.

As stated by the company itself:

Our team also is finishing up the mobile versions with new features to track the prices from over 2000 cryptocurrencies with prices from, along with streaming news and videos inside the app.

Bettergram’s vision is to make the intricacies involved with Telegram and Discord go away. Conversations are aimed to be made easier and more accessible. Chances of missing a message among a plethora of other messages are made relatively low by the platform. With the support for tracking the prices of different cryptos added, Bettergram might just prove to be the communication platform that the crypto fanatics are looking for in the modern day.

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