Being Vegan Is Like Being Pro Blockchain, People Hate You!

Bitcoin is the truly vegan ‘beyond meat’ of the finance industry and the similarities are uncanny!

Are you surprised too that nothing in the tech world has tried or even attempted to disrupt the vegan community yet? Our reaction is nothing short of being shaken, this is absolutely unacceptable. But, while we are on the subject we wanted to explore and under-explored subject and that is how the very vegan community is unheard and under-represented in a world where kindness and egalitarianism are both scarce and valuable. Being pro-animal rights is perhaps the best label for companies to wing their products, to sell more, at a much more expensive price. But, the capitalist hindsight can be ignored considering that the cost of not being pro-animal rights unless heartfelt are even bigger and unaffordable for the planet, for the amount of so-called humanity left in us and for the sanity of the kindred vegan spirits.

The concrete jungle and the violent oppressive nature that capitalism has gifted us helped ensure that all efforts and all needs of the vegan community are left disparaged and unmet. The truth here is that unless it is profitable nobody wants goodness. If something is too pricey in terms of money, or new or unaccustomed, nobody will accept it and whoever does will not be seen as doing the right thing but as being a part of a cult. The issue at hand though is beyond cults, imagination, the plight of the life of humans on this one and the only habitable planet and lifestyle. It is about what do we stand for and why are we like this?

If you have never questioned why some of your grandparents do not understand the LQBTQ+ rights, why some of your old neighbors do not understand why people move to cities, or why people cringe at eating steaks then it is okay, you have a relatively long road than us, to go through than some of us and we will let you be because we all have our own graphs of progress to climb to get to the mountain top.

But, if you have wondered why are human beings so vulnerable, fragile, insensitive and aggressive at the same time then, well, you have stumbled upon the right place. We are enquiring that very nature too, and struggling to understand as well.

Throw ten good things at human beings and they will not move. Throw one bad thing at them and maybe they will move a little, but the effect would die and the movement will stagnate.

The human civilization has not evolved much, although we all harp on and on about how much we have. Sure, our elderly grandparents, uncles, and aunts feel so strangely about our Gen Z’s living on the internet, on the Millennials working from home and the future generations that will be born into automation, artificial intelligence and internet money, feeling about fiat what they felt about gold coinage, and that is archaic.

But, there are gaps within us that we are not looking into any one of them is a twin pain. Humanity failing to truly evolve is a pain. Human civilization rejecting what is good for it is a pain. The pain can be further broken down into smaller units, like the pain that is brought by not delaying gratification, the pain of not being able to change ourselves, the pain of letting our instincts take over us because of the way that has been socialized into what they are today.

The notion of seeing money as only paper notes is a social construct. Eating corned beef or seafood as delicacies is also a social construct. And if the second one makes you want to throw up in a corner, cringe or cry, the first one makes us feel that way.

We are all puppets of socialization, of being socially conditioned into accepting things the way they are and not in any other way, even if people have a perfectly good vegan steak in front of them, they will go for the beef one, because they do not trust anything that the wise and more informed people tell them but they want to trust pop culture, capitalist innuendos and the satisfaction of their greed by an insensitive consumption of everything and everyone.

Why is the change needed?

We have forgotten how to be human. Our failure to adapt makes us weak. Or failure to accept has made us naive but in a nuanced way. We have learned nothing from 2008, only a few have, and those who have changed their ways and opened their arms to decentralized money that is not owned by a business, but where very democratically the people are the business and there is no exploitation, are called members of a cult based idea, not a rising minority that is changing the world, forever, for good and for better, which in reality, it really is.

People have not understood what being vegan entails, and people have not yet understood the real power of blockchain. And this affinity for being still and not progressing is what is making things particularly difficult for businesses that aim to fulfill a better responsibility towards what is morally right and bigger than anthropocentrism.


Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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