Be A Crypto Superhero – Best Dating Advice

Be a good baby and rescue it all!

You want to be the best at your life? Then learn how to keep the ones you love safe. In this context we mean your crypto baby-doll. The best way to keep the funds safe it to use trusted websites, exchanges, wallets and devices. Whewww, that was short and sweet right.

But, things still get messy and out of hand. Quite literally out of hands in this case. You do not want your crypto funds slipping away. Or do you?

1. Use the QR code

Instead of copy pasting or dragging the user address to your wallet to make payments, use the QR code. It is not that difficult. Be literate man, this is the future of things we are talking about.

2. Adios funky apps

No it is not harmless to download that Korean looking weird app on your mobile. It can be a hoax. Keep your crypto things separate from your fun lives. Crypto does not need to know what kind of webcams you visit, or podcasts you like, or games you play.

3. Run regularly an anti Malware on your computer

Bitdefender, MalwareByte are good examples to get you started on to cleaning your computer. Look times are tough. We know it. It is best to actually start to know what all is contained on your computer. Somewhere among all the things you don’t know torrents have built onto your system, you could be losing some good a** money.

4. Official ENS only 

Instead of using a prone-to-error impossible to verify address use what is actually intended for your sacred region – cryptos, okay. Some maybe cheaper to buy, Some may look fancier to have. But this is the real life face of the idea that safety comes first.

5. Real fake trading apps

These can be used to buy assets on a crypto-exchange. But they are unlicensed, fake and fraudulent. You our sweet child of crypto love, are trading nowhere. You just sending money to a dummy hacker account, who will then pay for his Bahamas and his Bahama Mama with it.

6. Regularly clean your device of any junk

Like we said, you do not know where things have been. Even if you bought legal software and a virgin personal computer, who has been in and out can not really be said. So while nobody is conspiring to steal your funds since the past five years, it is best to be safe and keep it all squeaky tight and tidy.

Be careful Ol’ chum. And be a good dating sport, okay. If you do not own any crypto funds it is best to read this for a friend or family member. Our support systems also known as friends help us, we are assuming you would like to help yours. What a big assumption in this big, sick, ugly world. But, anyway.

Khunsha Javed

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