Bail Bloc 2.0 Is Using Spare Computing Power To Bail Out Immigrants In ICE Detention

According to a recent tweet made by Maya Binyam, the Co founder of the Bail Bloc initiative, the charitable organization helping immigrants get out of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pretrial incarceration. About an year ago Bail Bloc was utilizing the spare computing power provided by people to get people out of pre-trial incarceration. Owing to the growing number of immigrants being held up at the ICE detention, Bail Bloc has now launched Bail Bloc 2.0, which uses spare computing power to mine the cryptocurrency, Monero, which is then exchanged for the fiat currency to pay their bail money.

Bail Bloc is a blockchain based platform that is aiding people awaiting trial, who cannot afford to pay their bail by using the processing power of computers provided to them by people who have downloaded their program to mine Monero (XMR). The organization collects donations as well, but primarily it allows people to commit their computing power to them. The computing power can be that of a normal CPU. Once installed, a small processing power is outsourced to mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XPR). All the coins mined through this computing power is committed to getting bail for the poor immigrants who cannot afford proper legal counsel or representation.

Bail Bloc is attempting to help out the immigrants who might get deported. 97% of the immigrants being held up in detention are being deported due to lack of good legal representation. Statistically, only 47% of people in ICE detention are allotted a bond hearing and according to an estimate 1 in 5 people remain in ICE detention because they’re unable to pay the bond money. Many have detested the ways these immigrants are being treated by the ICE and the exorbitant amount of money being set as bail by judges which can range from $1,500 to $100,000.

Bail Bloc is utilizing the processing power offered voluntarily by the people who want to actively participate in providing help to the immigrants waiting for trial. This processing power is being used to mine Monero (XRP) that can be mined using only consumer-level computers instead of the ASIC mining chips.

Monero is cost efficient and the whole point of using it is so that more people can turn over their processing power to make a worthwhile contribution. Bail Bloc only uses 10% of the computers processing power, which can also be increased from 25% to 50%. To this day, Bail Bloc has mined 44.34 XMR, which is equal to $7,356.36 U.S. dollars. This amount is enough to bail out 12 people, per the bail bloc’s website.

There has been much speculation about how ICE has been treating the immigrants. Families have been torn apart children are left parentless because they are being prosecuted. These immigrants were believed to have little to no support and were too poor to afford a proper legal counsel and pay the bail money.

It was reported that 100% of all individuals who had crossed borders were being prosecuted and being held in detention to await their trial for which they could not afford legal representation let alone pay the bond money. Owing to the mistreatment of such, Bail Bloc has set up a very easy way for all who have a computer to commit negligible amount of computing power to help unite families that have been ripped apart due to the cruel system.

To conclude, not only does Bail bloc intend to help out more immigrants financially to be released on bail, but also they mean to abolish cash bail, abolish prisons, abolish ICE, abolish the militarized border through this charitable blockchain based organization. There are other blockchain based platforms as well like Blockchain Charity Foundation that has been providing aid to many of the social causes, specifically to eliminating poverty. Bail Bloc is enabling users all over the world help those in need by merely downloading an application and running it.

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